Hannah Dodd of The Origin Talks About 'Hard Job' Selling Illicit Romance in the Attic

Hannah Dodd of The Origin Talks About 'Hard Job' Selling Illicit Romance in the Attic ...

The Origin of Lifetimes Flowers in the Attic ended with a bang literally.

Corrine Foxworth was caught sleeping with her uncle/secret half-brother Christopher in a shocking twist that Hannah Dodd had anticipated last weeks.

The season finale (airing this Saturday at 8/7c) will finish right where Flowers in the Attic begins. Corrine has yet to give birth to the children, but the show will utilize time jumps to bring the story up.

The final episode is quite different because of a few time jumps, according to Dodd notes. [It] is really interesting to see the aftermath of that event and all of the other stuff that happened on that night, because it was a quite hectic night for everyone. Everything that everybody was trying to avoid happening or did not want to happen has happened. So that is really the driving force for the remainder of the episode.

Dodd found it difficult at first to play Corrine, who started out quite normal before her incestuous uncle-brother. In Flowers of the Attic, she becomes a party-obsessed socialite willing to murder her own children to access her trust fund.

I started reading everything and watching as much as I could to understand this personality that she shares. I was like, I'm not sure how I'll relate to this person. But when I just applied it scene by scene, she is up to a point a normal girl who has gone through some awful things. I certainly could relate to her and have empathy for her.

Dodd can be seen in Season 3, taking over the role of Francesca from following the Flowers in the Attic: The Origin finale.