After two seasons, the Wilds have been canceled

After two seasons, the Wilds have been canceled ...

Season 2, which launched on May 6, followed two different survival tales. While the teenage girls who lost their plane in the ocean in the first season continued to develop, a new crop of characters in Gretchens' all-male control group began their survivalist journey on their own island before being saved.

The two groups met at Gretchens' facility after Leah got a message from Ian, who alerted the FBI, and Gretchen fled the premises. Gretchen however, assured her cohorts that the experiment would continue, with a new control group for Phase 3 as she ran things remotely, with the help of someone on the inside (perhaps her Twilight of Adam group plant Seth).

While Leah and two other groups of adolescents walked up to the facility's rooftop, only to discover that theyre still stuck on an island. Perhaps even worse: Seth is still alive and there with them at the facility, blasting Depeche Modes Personal Jesus over the loudspeakers.