'Abbott Elementary' will be available on HBO Max and Hulu for the first time

'Abbott Elementary' will be available on HBO Max and Hulu for the first time ...

HBO Max and Hulu have reached an agreement to share streaming rights to complete seasons of Abbott Elementary, which will see the comedy stream almost simultaneously on the competing services.

Hulu, which already has priority streaming rights over ABC programming, will continue to release episodes the day after their initial broadcast. It will then be released to HBO Max, who will make previous seasons available before future seasons on its service. The move is intended for first-time viewers, who may not own a Hulu subscription, to catch up on the show until the second season's competition.

Hulu and HBO Max will share a common streaming ownership agreement, bringing additional audiences to the breakout comedy hit, which has received widespread praise. Modern Family, which dominated ABCs Wednesday comedy block until it ended its run after 10 seasons, may also be viewed on NBCs Peacock service.

The mockumentary-style series follows the school's teachers, who are attempting to provide a positive educational experience for their students, despite the odds being heavily stacked against them. According to Entertainment Tonight, the second season will bring the series out of the school and explore more of the teachers' after-work lives.

Brunson said the school would be stepping outside the school more. The second season of Abbott Elementary will return to ABC on September 21 in a lucrative primetime slot, replacing the rebooted The Wonder Years in its Wednesday comedy block, the latter of which is being postponed until the midseason.