With a Misspelling Spotted in a Store, a Strange Pokemon GO Merch

With a Misspelling Spotted in a Store, a Strange Pokemon GO Merch ...

Pokemon has established its legacy and then some. Along with all these years of games, anime, and other series spin-offs, there has also been a ton of merchandise.

If a big Pokemon fan wants to purchase a particular item that has a Pokemon on it, chances are they can find it, either in an official capacity or handmade by a dedicated craftsman. However, that doesn't prevent unusual goods from reaching store shelves.

One Reddit user discovered a particularly strange Pokemon collectible memorabilia on a shelf. Tomstar_official posted a photo on the Pokemon subreddit of the find, revealing what appears to be a Pokemon GO toy set with a Pokeball and a Pokemon to accompany it. However, it doesn't take much effort to notice that something is amiss on the packaging, starting with it encouraging viewers to 'Cottect them all.'

The wrong message is written twice on the front of the box, and in general, Pokemon products use 'Gotta catch 'em all' to entice potential buyers, although Ash Ketchum appears to wear a different colored vest than he normally does on April Fools' Day.

Pokemon knock-offs of all kinds are nothing new, and often big business. Massive phony Pokemon card operations have been discovered as the price of the TCG has increased. However, there have been knock-offs of toys, decor, and even the games themselves over the years. Given the great popularity of Pokemon, it's no surprise that bootleg companies would seek to make quick money by making knock-off items that unwitting customers might acquire.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are typically quick to file legal action against anyone who violates Nintendo's intellectual property rights. However, the sheer number of fakes that have been produced over the years is quite staggering. It appears to be from a random shop, not a major retailer.

It's usually best to inspect the product first and then purchase it. However, nothing stops bootleg operations from using these elements, so even that isn't necessarily a guarantee. In the end, all Pokemon purchasers can do is be smart about their purchases, buy from official vendors or sites whenever possible, and hope for the best.