Players may skip the chest animations with Elden Ring Trick

Players may skip the chest animations with Elden Ring Trick ...

Elden Ring is a widely popular game that features a slew of different ways to play and activities to do, one of which is speedrunning. The speedrunning community loves to distill a massive game like Elden Ring that would normally take players hundreds of hours to complete into a playthrough that does not even touch the half-hour mark.

The goal of speedrunning is for players to look for every single feasible strategy to skip things, reduce the time it takes to do certain things, and cut corners in whatever way possible. The current world record for speedrunning Elden Ring is incredible and clocks in at under 9 minutes, which is incredible considering how vast the world is and how many tasks the player must complete to finish the game.

The speedrunning community expresses their gratitude to Redditor Luvonir for discovering a fantastic way to avoid the chest opening sequence during a run, while still keeping the contents of the chest in their inventory.

This Cuphead speedrunner showed off their laptop during an 8-hour speedrun while hiking. So, the speedrunning community gets especially excited to try out their best times.

Elden Ring is a complex game that can take quite a long time to complete - and as players have discovered, it isn't even possible to complete the game 100% in a single playthrough, as there are several endings that must be completed in order to finish the game. Speedrunners are able to manipulate certain things and utilize speedy strategies to reduce this time, and this chest animation skip will definitely help you.

Luvonir and speedrunners can look forward to discovering many more such strategies for Elden Ring in order to complete the game as quickly as possible.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X/S.