Starbound: 10 Incredible Mods That Will Change The Game

Starbound: 10 Incredible Mods That Will Change The Game ...

To describe Starbound as merely Terraria in space is an oversimplification. The depth of its gameplay and the amazing nature of the procedurally generated world make each and every playthrough a completely different beast that is a ton of fun to play through as well.

Starbound has been blessed with a solid modding community that has spent years working on every aspect of the game. Here are some of the best mods that players may download to enhance their enjoyment of playing this game.

10 Creative Mode

The unpredictable nature of the game makes Starbound an exceptional game. Planets can be covered in hazards, and certain essential items may either be acquired quickly or require extensive exploration before achieving the same results.

Occasionally, the gameplay of the game may be a bit too restrictive for players who want to go all out with their designs. This is where the Creative Mode mod comes into play, which allows players to skip progression points and create what they need to make their worlds stunning.

9 XS Corporation Mechs

Starbound's use of a mech is quite fantastic. However, some players find the lack of variety in these mechs to be a problem.

Players will be using these machines more often than not with the XS Corporation Mechs mod. From improved firepower to enhanced traversal options, this mod is a must-have for anyone who believes that the vanilla mech gameplay is inefficient in terms of gameplay.

8 Fully Customizable Ship

To ensuring success, designing and assembling a player's ship with state-of-the-art hardware is critical. However, players will realize that Starbound is quite restrictive when it comes to the whole customization of the ship.

This mod allows players to do the same with ease. They may now disassemble and recreate their ship in the way they wish, making this part of the gameplay even more engaging and immersive.

7 Knight Artorias Gear From Dark Souls

Dark Souls is one of the most popular games of all time. It's funny and quite appropriate that this game has made its way into many others with the use of mods, with Starbound being no exception.

Knight Artorias is one of the most famous players in the game, with his armor set being brought over to Starbound via the use of mods. Along with this, various other Dark Souls suits of armor are also added to the game!

6 Simple Extended Character Creation Mod

Character creation in any game can take years, especially if the options are numerous. While Starbound's character creation is decent, it's easy to see that this isn't the main focus of the game at all.

Allerdings, that doesn't mean that mods won't be able to make character creation simpler and more seamless. This mod achieves the same result, and it's relatively easy to use!

5 Variety Is The Spice Of The Universe

The procedurally generated worlds in Starbound are all quite varied and varied in their own right. However, this does not mean that a bit of variety would have been missed.

More over 50 variations of biomes, weather, music, and everything else along the same lines are added to the game with this mod. It makes for a fresh and distinctive experience, making this mod one of the very finest on this list.

4 Blood Mod

Players may engage in a bit of Starbound combat, although this isn't the most intense and can leave some players dissatisfied with the end result.

The Blood Mod is here to make combat as brutal and satisfying as one might want. It's a minor change, but one that's certainly welcomed.

3 Sergal Race

Starbound has a number of alien races, and players may choose from one of seven races to play as. This mod adds one more unique race that is fun to play as.

Sergals are somewhat technologically backward, according to the modder, and players will need some practice before they realize the true potential of this race. It's a great mod that players should check out if they want more variety in their game.

2 Human Spacecruiser Version Gilgamesh

This mod allows players to control a massive ship with all of its amenities and defenses.

New players should avoid this mod until they have completed their first playthroughs. While veterans can utilize this mod to test out this new spaceship and all it has to offer.

1 TS Technologies

Starbound's machinery selection is quite extensive and simple to construct. However, players will eventually get bored of making the same thing over and over again.

The TS Technologies mod adds a slew of new machines to the game that perform a wide range of tasks, from transforming crops into weapons to obtaining raw material at a faster rate.

Starbound is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PlayStation Vita.