The Sandman: The Netflix Series That Began

The Sandman: The Netflix Series That Began ...

David S. Goyer made my deepest, wildest fanboy dream come true when he asked if I wanted to adapt Neil Gaiman's award-winning, best-selling The Sandman into a streaming series in May 2019.

Naturally, I said no.

First, I said, May I have 24 hours to re-read the books? Then, after re-reading, I said no.

Not because I didn't want to be hired, but because this was The Sandman. Neil Gaiman's universally beloved masterpiece, one of the most frighteningly brilliant writers of our time.

Why was Neil Gaiman himself, who had just wrapped Good Omens, not going to direct the adaptation of The Sandman, especially since he and David had been collaborating on transforming The Sandman into a feature franchise?

David said he hoped to be the one to direct The Sandman, but he was busy writing, running, and directing the Apple TV+s Foundation. Neil was already obligated to Good Omens II and Anansi Boys.

I felt the need then to remind David that The Sandman was unfilmable. That a legion of exceptionally talented writers and directors had worked for over 30 years to bring The Sandman to life on film.

David patiently explained that the adaptations had not moved forward because they had attempted to make The Sandman something it would never be: a two-hour film. However, in the streaming age, shows like Game of Thrones and Watchmen made it possible to market The Sandman as a multi-season epic. Most importantly, Executive Producer Neil Gaiman would oversee our adaptation.

Which meant that I would be able to meet Neil Gaiman.

Neil, David, and I met him for dinner at David Goyer's house in Los Angeles a week later. We agreed to discuss Season One together for two days, during which Neil revealed himself to be the most open, generous, and cooperative partner possible.

In those two days, we discussed expanding the role of the Corinthians. We discussed whether or not to have a narrator. The most important thing we discussed was, Why is it important that we tell the story of The Sandman right now?

The Sandman is a photographic exploration of what it means to be human. Capable of being hurt, but also capable of loving and being loved. The Sandman is the story of an honorable, arrogant king who slowly learns how to love. How tobe a loving brother, a loving father.

We are constantly told how divided we all are at this moment in our shared history. But the truth is, we all enjoy a good story. That's how we were able to connect with each other by sharing our experiences and dreams, which sometimes do happen.

The Sandman with Neil and David is a pleasure to work with our Warner Bros. Television and Netflix colleagues and all the actors, directors, and creative artists who have dedicated their time, talents, and passion to a program that I've never seen. I hope youll enjoy the film and re-read it as well.

I hope that you enjoy the learning as much as I have enjoyed it.

On August 5, The Sandman will be available on Netflix.