Charity and Mackenzie of Emmerdale make a major decision in their baby tale

Charity and Mackenzie of Emmerdale make a major decision in their baby tale ...

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Charity and Mackenzie from Emmerdale have a huge heart-to-heart in today's (July 29) episode about whether or not to keep the baby they're expecting.

In Thursday's hour-long episode, Charity revealed that she is expecting a child and had been keeping it from Mackenzie, even considering ending the relationship because it would make him feel forced to keep it for the baby.

Mackenzie complains that she should have at least played a role in her decision. He then proceeds to tell her how much he wants to be a father, and that although Charity's body is her body, he would love it if she kept it.

Charity is still unconvinced of the importance of raising a child, warns Mackenzie that she's afraid of changing the dynamic the two have established together, and that they might end up hating each other due to the added pressure of caring for a newborn. Yet, he assures her that everything will be fine.

"I keep on thinking of all those silly, stupid cliches of all the firsts, or the first cake, the first underage drink," he says, "I want to be there for that." "I guess I want to demonstrate that a father can be there because mine was not.

"There is no one I would rather have a child with than you." I would give everything I have given to you and that kid. And I'd be the best dad that I can be."

The couple decides to keep the baby until the end.

Mackenzie tells Charity when she declares she is willing to keep the baby. "You have to choose as well."

"I do; I'm just new to this." Having a copilot from the start. "Gonna take a lot of re-learning," says the narrator.

"It's new for me as well. The truth is I didn't realize how much I wanted it until you were about to take it away," Mackenzie admits.

Charity makes jokes about baby number five being the limit, and the pair announce the decision with a hug.

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