The House of the Dragon's executives react to the Lord of the Rings head-to-head

The House of the Dragon's executives react to the Lord of the Rings head-to-head ...

Ryan Condal and Miguel Sapochnik, the creators of House of the Dragon, have opened up about the Game of Thrones prequel going head-to-head with the Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power, which premieres on Amazon Prime just days after this show premieres on HBO.

The showrunners admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that they're huge JRR Tolkien devotees, the author of the Lord of the Rings books, and that they expect to see an overlap between the two shows' fanbases.

"My hope is that both series will succeed and that they will have a large fan base, and that there's a great overlap in the fanbase," said Condal.

"I think that the more big, expensive, expensive, expensive fantasies that are on television, the better for us fans, because they'll make more of them. I absolutely want Rings of Power to work. I'll be there watching it the first night it's available, and I'll watch all of them."

"The Lord of the Rings is great IP and fantastic material. I have no clue what they've done, I've never seen them before, but they're fantastic," Sapochnik said of the series.

House of the Dragon follows the Targaryen family's reign 200 years before Game of Thrones was originally set. The narrative is based on George RR Martin's Fire and Blood.

As Viserys I names Rhaenyra his replacement, the teaser suggests a fight for the throne's succession, provoking Daemon, who believes the throne is his for the taking.

Matt Smith, who plays Daemon Targaryen on the Doctor Who program, admitted to a panel at San Diego Comic-Con that his co-star slashed him in the face with a sword while rehearsing for the series.

In that same panel, he also told Radio Times that the wigs in the program were horrible, and that if he was king, this would be his first decree: "I'd allow them to dye their hair."

From September 2, 2022, Amazon Prime Video will release The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

Seasons 1-8 of Game of Thrones are available on DVD and Blu-ray. House of the Dragon, a spin-off, will premiere on August 21, 2022 in the United Kingdom.