After a fresh disagreement with Kevin, Coronation Street investigates Abi's future

After a fresh disagreement with Kevin, Coronation Street investigates Abi's future ...

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Tonight's Coronation Street reunion of Abi and Alfie went not exactly according to plan (July 29).

After Kevin lashed out and smashed up Stephen Reid's vehicle, the cops arrived at Kevin's door and informed him that they would not be filing charges.

Kevin decided not to want Abi to know anything about his police feud, telling Tyrone: "Abi has been waiting for this day for weeks. I'm not going to burst her bubble by revealing I was arrested!"

Nevertheless, the truth came out not long after.

Kevin and Abi sat down for something to eat at Speed Daal, but Kevin quickly started to panic when he saw Stephen standing at the bar. Worried that he'd let things slip, Kevin asked Alya if they could get the rest of their food to go.

Stephen approached their table and, to Kevin's dismay, informed Abi that he understands they've gone through a rough patch and that's why he dropped the charges.

Abi and Kevin had a heart-to-heart, with him not only revealing his arrest, but also about Jack's behavior, and how he wasn't sure Jack desired Abi and Alfie to live there.

"Jack should be your priority, not me and Alfie," Abi said of Kevin.

Jack saw Abi's packed bags and demanded she stay, saying, "I'll be happy when you and Alfie are here for good. We'd be lost without you."

Jack also showed Abi a letter he wrote about his family and leaving primary school, which included a line about his dad meeting a "funny and brilliant woman called Abi".

Jack described the group as a "family," even referring to Alfie as his "brother." Abi was overcome with pride and decided to remain afloat. What does the future hold for the Websters?

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