Ted Lasso's stars discuss the show's future beyond season 3

Ted Lasso's stars discuss the show's future beyond season 3 ...

Ted Lasso's cast members have speculated on the show's future beyond season three.

Despite rumors that the next season would be the last, the cast said during a FYC meeting in Beverly Hills that they would be willing to continue the program if possible (via The Hollywood Reporter).

Brett Goldstein, who plays Roy Kent, said everything is in the hands of developer Jason Sudeikis: "In terms of the future, everything is in his hands. He's gotten us this far, you know what I mean?

"We just trust that whatever he decides to do will be the correct move." I know we would all like to do this for the rest of our lives, but I guess at some point, we'll all die.

Phil Dunster, who plays footballer Jamie Tartt, described his feelings in an interesting way: "You know when you're at a really lovely party, and you're like, if it ends, you can leave and know that it was a really great party?"

"Nobody knows anything about season four, and Apple has not advised us not to say anything, but if it happens, I'll be very happy to go to the next part," he said.

Toheeb Jimoh, who plays right-winger Sam Obisanya, pointed out the opening of a restaurant before quickly saying he didn't want to say much more.

Brendan Hunt believed that the program could continue.

Hunt, who plays Coach Beard, told Consequence that another arc is possible in June 2022, saying: "We've certainly expanded those beats, but it does not mean that the whole kit and caboodle is being chucked."

However, he added that it would only happen if the team chooses to do so.

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