Sean Bean's latest BBC drama, Game of Thrones, gives us a first look at the show

Sean Bean's latest BBC drama, Game of Thrones, gives us a first look at the show ...

Sean Bean and Nicola Walker of Game of Thrones star in a newly-released teaser for the BBC's upcoming four-part drama Marriage.

Ian and Emma are playing a married couple who is attempting to cope with everything that comes with being married for 30 years, including the blessings, the difficulties, and the anxieties.

The four hour-long episodes are packed with serious moments, but the teaser demonstrates there's plenty of fun to be had, such as Ian making sure they turn the dishwasher on before going upstairs for some fun, and the duo realizing that the fight they're about to have is about jacket potatoes.

As it launches later this month on August 14, there isn't a long wait for this to land on screens.

Henry Lloyd-Hughes, star of The Inbetweeners and The Irregulars, plays Emma's boss Jamie, New Tricks and Grandpa In My Pocket's James Bolam as Emma's father, and We Are Lady Parts and Mood's Chantelle Alle as Ian and Emma's daughter Jessica.

Stefan Golaszewski, the man behind Him, Her, and Mum, has written and directed this drama, so if you've ever seen either, you'll know that you're in for a real treat.

Digital Spy chatted with Bean to discuss the era-defining Lord of the Rings trilogy as it commemorated its first 20-year anniversary.

"To do that was such a fantastic experience. I never imagined it would take off as it did, you know?" he said. "We weren't aware of what they were doing with all of the other units or how they were assembling it."

Marriage will be broadcast on BBC One on Sunday, August 14 at 9pm, and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

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