An alleged suicide attempt wipes a woman's memory in the Surface Premiere Recap!

An alleged suicide attempt wipes a woman's memory in the Surface Premiere Recap! ...

If your memory were erased and you couldnt trust anyone, what would your life be like?

Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) wakes up from an attempted suicide without any memory of her previous life, as a mysterious man (Stephan James) lurks close by claiming to know the truth.

Was it ever really true that she became a millionaire? Be prepared for plenty of surprises as we breakdown this meaty premiere.

The following is a list of some of the most frequently asked questions.

Sophie wakes from a drowning nightmare. She lives with her husband James (played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen), and she is preparing for her big break after the incident. She demands to be released from the vehicle, amid a sea of honking horns.

Hannah (Marianne Jean-Baptiste) tells her that she has woken up in someone else's life. Her suicide attempt has made her a determined woman, and her persistence will help her recover from her trauma. But what she cant seem to overcome is how perfect everything seems.

During a drink with Caroline (Ari Graynor), a man appears to be staring at her. Does she know this guy? She can't remember much.

A guy named Baden interrupts her on her way to an event for a James firm the night before. He tells her James isnt who she believes he is. You ever imagine theres more on the boat that day? he asks. As James walks over, Baden pretends to be asking for directions and slips a book of matches into her purse.

During her work at a hospital, Sophie looks up her medical history. One report matches the suicide story everyone has been selling her, another shows a broken ulna (forearm bone) along with a warning about possible domestic violence.

Sophie urges James to go on a work vacation, assuring him that what happened previously will never, ever again happen, and she does not want to die. In his absence, she begins a new therapy to help her forget bad dreams. She's also experiencing fresh flashes of emotion.

Sophie falls right in front of Chanel, and Caroline was the one who took her to get the X-ray. It's only half an episode, but everyone who doesn't know Sophie is a shady person.

Sophie decides to go to The Li-Bo, a drinking establishment in Chinatown. He calls her name because he was assigned to her case because everyone who commits suicide must be cleared of foul play. He responds with a smile. She says she used to like this lounge. He jumped off a boat into a river.

James returns home to find Sophie reading her suicide note. She replies that he was in Portland working when she called him. He prayed that he would return to her in time to say goodbye before she died.

Sophie tries to remember her Apple ID password to unlock her iPad in the middle of the night, but she cant crack it until she types in the Li-Bo's address. She discovers footage on the device of her and Baden in a hotel room. He asks her to leave, but she refuses. As they begin sex, she closes the screen.

Sophie tells a guy that she was kicking her off the boat the next day, and that she wasnt in the right mind. But Baden cant. She then walks to the dock and finds a coast guard who was part of her rescue effort.

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