Season 1 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' Recap: One Down, Five to Go

Season 1 of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' Recap: One Down, Five to Go ...

Before we dive into everything that happened in Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Episode 2, here are some things to remember about the pilot: They came to the conclusion that Karen was the person responsible for all of the evil claims against them. Their anger towards the mean girl is what drives them to join forces for the first time and pay back all of the damage she caused them. Imogen (Bailee Madison) even professes that "we should kill Karen Beasley," which predicts a tragic death in the PLLuniverse.

Imogen and Karen had a great time together 6 months before the vengeful alliance, when Kelly (Karen's equally evil twin sister) discovers Imogen kissing Karen's boyfriend Greg (Elias Kacavas) - an instant altercation that helps viewers understand why Imogen was so popular.

After receiving anonymous videos showing someone damaging Karen's Spirit Queen campaign posters, manipulating Noa's (Maia Reficco) pee cup, and a mouse being tortured, the girls decide to screen a compromising video of Karen before Tabby (Chandler Kinney)'s (Chandler Kinney) double feature event for the student body.

Imogen, Noa, Tabby, and Mouse (Malia Pyles) distribute flyers throughout the school promoting the Spirit Queen race, and Karen decides to attend it just to ensure that her opponent in the Spirit Queen race does not steal her crown. Yet, when Tabby asks her male best friend Chip (Carson Rowland) to bring her to the prom, the shock wavers.

Tabby (Derek Klena) gets in trouble with Chip for convincing Chip to show the video of Karen at the theater, but he dismisses the incident. Imogen receives a text message from Karen to meet her in the cemetery, which she does. During their candid conversation, Karen reveals that she had lost her virginity to Greg that same night.

Kelly pretends to be Karen and goes to the principal's office to withdraw her name from the Spirit Queen race. This leaves Imogen as the only candidate for the crown, thus her status as a winner by default. This hurts Imogen's conscience even more because her mother was deserved of the crown yet, as viewers will recall from the 1999 party, Davie wasn't the finest example of kindness and caring.

Tabby, Noa, Faran, and Mouse decide to go to the prom with Imogen. She is able to persuade him to let her participate in her community service in exchange for keeping her secret. But Karen emerges on the balcony and brutalizes her sister in a Carrie-like manner. "To thine own self, we must be true."

A is even more vicious in the spin-off than the OG series, and there is one more suspect to think about when it comes to the identities behind all the texts and murders. As of now, we know that one of the twins was murdered, but we aren't sure which one was the victim.