The Suicide Squad's Continual Relevancy and 'Harley Quinn'

The Suicide Squad's Continual Relevancy and 'Harley Quinn' ...

Harley Quinn's Season 3 spoilers are included in the following article. The first episode, "Harlivy," follows Harley (Kaley Cuoco) and Poison Ivy on their romantic Eat, Bang, Kill adventure as they await a call from a newly imprisoned Clayface (Ron Funches). Harley picks up the pieces and yells out loud at the shrouded figure who turns out to be Amanda Waller (Tisha Campbell).

Amanda Waller is the program that is more often referred to as the Suicide Squad due to its horrific reputation. If they agree, a microchip is implanted in their brain and they are set free to complete the mission. However, Waller flips a switch and they lose their minds.

Harley tells Ivy that she got her a present for their 18th day anniversary. Said present is a body bag containing one angry Amanda Waller. She had no clue she kidnapped the head of the Suicide Squad but Ivy is surprised. Waller vows to slay the Suicide Squad on the two for kidnapping her.

The Suicide Squad has been around for a long time, appearing occasionally in films like Batman: Assault on Arkham, but it wasn't until David Ayers' divisive take on the squad in 2016 that they gained the confidence to hold their own IP. Along with Deadshot (Will Smith), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuohara), and Enchantress (Cara Delevinge), the Suicide Squad was a big stepstone for DC as it grew out of

The Suicide Squad remains a major component of DC's animated film Suicide Squad: Hell to Pay, although it did not receive much attention and tends to languish in the minds of comic book enthusiasts. Notice that in 2014, a film about the Suicide Squad needed a name attached to attract attention, but after 2016, they could launch their own projects with ease.

The Suicide Squad was released last August, with parts of the film returning to the film after the disappointing 2016 reception, and John Cenas' own spin-off in Peacemaker.

The impact of Gunn's influence on the Suicide Squad and his impact on DC in general, drew him his own role as a director in the production of Thug Number Three. When Clayface loses his chance at Thug Number 3, he is able to find a new director position as Gunn's new director. It's such a relief to see Gunn and his work expand into other parts of the DC universe.

The Suicide Squad name is a mysterious, odd, unassuming concept with an assortment of weirdly funny characters that always make us laugh, but in these confusing times of the DCEU, we have spent more time with the Suicide Squad members in their films and spin-offs than with any of the Justice League. In a new video game called Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, Harley Quinn (Harley Quinn), there is a real danger to the Justice League.

Harley Quinn is always the most outspoken and chaotic player in every iteration of the Suicide Squad in recent years. Is it possible that Season 3 will conclude with Harley being forced into Task Force X?

As Waller escapes via helicopter, Harlivy's secret oasis is destroyed, and the episode closes on a good note. It begs the question of whether Amanda Waller will return, as Waller exacts her revenge and forces Harley to join the squad? Or will Poison Ivys' plot to terraform Gotham corrupt her and leave Harley with no choice but to join Task Force X to stop them?