The 'NOPE' Claim Attraction from Universal Studios Hollywood is shown in these incredible images

The 'NOPE' Claim Attraction from Universal Studios Hollywood is shown in these incredible images ...

When Universal Pictures distributes a theme park in its film, it is natural to move and reconfigure that theme park as an attraction, and thats exactly what Universal Studios Hollywood did with Nope. On its surface, the sci-fi/horror film follows two ranch-owner siblings (played by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer) who attempt to sell video evidence of a UFO. However, in the hands of a filmmaker like Jordan Peele, everything becomes more meaningful as you dig deeper

The very original small-time theme park owned by Ricky Jupe Park (played by Steven Yeun) has been transported to the Hollywood theme park for guests to see, either via the tram with general admission or with a more detailed look on foot with the VIP Tour, as well as to discuss everything in person with Jon Corfino, Vice President of Universal Creative, about how everything came together.

Collider: How did this attraction arise?

JON COFRINO: Jupiters Claim is one of Jordan Peele's most significant sets from Nope. Its where a lot of very interesting things take place. The great thing about it for all of us [at the theme park] is that it just came out perfectly.

What goes into figuring out how best to create an experience, knowing that most people will only ever see the sets from the tram?

COFRINO: It's what we do. What we've always been committed to is that level of authenticity and bringing people behind the scenes. Whether it's Robert Zemeckis and Back to the Future or Steven Spielberg and War of the Worlds, it's about how we can demonstrate that moment, or more than a snapshot, of authenticity perfectly recreated. This one was a little different because we took it exactly from Agua Dulce and brought it back to life, with the assistance of

How do you ensure that every detail is exact? You may look through the windows of several buildings and there are so many little things to notice, everywhere.

COFRINO: We also collaborate with the set designer and production designer. I work very closely with the filmmaker and set designer to recreate the authenticity. These are the literal sets, taken from the location and transported here. We were lucky because we had the props already, so we didnt have to go out and recreate them, or anything like that. We worked directly with them here on site. It's their vision.

When you experience Jupiters Claim, you must be aware that not everyone will have seen it. What role does this play in ensuring that everyone has a good experience?

COFRINO: It's back to that level of authenticity. Maybe not everybody has even seen Back to the Future these days. Hopefully, the experience will encourage you to go see it again, or to see it for the first time. But having the opportunity to open this feature to the public day-and-date is a truly remarkable opportunity.

Do you have a favorite aspect of this whole area?

COFRINO: Honestly, I remember going to Agua Dulce for the first time and seeing all of it, but having it come completely to life like this was my favorite part. It comes back to brand integrity. You just have to be on point, and it's just so fun.

How does weather affect everything, especially when it comes to ensuring the structures hold up?

COFRINO: This is a permanent attraction, and it has to hold up. We were out here on all of our sets, checking everything every day.

What would you suggest that guests look out for during their tram ride through Jupiters Claim?

COFRINO: What makes it a repeatable experience is that there are Easter eggs. When you go through, there's just so much to see, and on the studio tour, you may not capture everything, so you go through it again. And then, if you decide to see the movie, you'll discover the characters who actually inhabit Jupiters Claim, and who own it, and their past and why they're involved in it. That's the thing about Jordan and his storytelling, and he's been

Below are a few of Jupiter's claims.