Oscar-winning screenwriters Bobby Moresco and Nick Vallelonga are developing a John Gotti series 'Betrayal.'

Oscar-winning screenwriters Bobby Moresco and Nick Vallelonga are developing a John Gotti series 'Be ...

Betrayal: John Gotti and the Fall of La Cosa Nostra, starring Oscar winners Bobby Moresco (Crash) and Nick Vallelonga (Green Book), will be the focus of a limited series that chronicles the death of the legendary New York crime boss.

Gotti was a prominent figure in the Gambino crime family in New York City, where he was also the frontman of the largest crime syndicate in the city. In the 80s and 90s, he became a legend throughout the United States, rivaling Al Capone in infamy. Thanks to his flamboyant public persona and extravagant outfit, he became known as the Dapper Don and later the Teflon Don as he became involved in several criminal prosecutions.

Three separate films portraying Gotti and the Gambino crime family have been screened. The most recent, 2018, starred John Travolta as the titular don, though it was criticized widely upon its release, becoming one of the few films to have had a zero percent rating from critics on Rotten Tomatoes. It'll also explore how the gangs of New York reacted to Gotti's death and the chaos that ensued.

Betrayal might be one of the most comprehensive investigations into Gotti's life as it uncovers hundreds of records and conversations that have never been revealed. It also has Gotti Jr. on board as one of its four creators, providing the definitive first-hand testimony to Gotti's time running the Gambinos from prison.

Moresco and Vallelonga both won Oscars for Crash and Green Book, though both have a long history on-screen. He also directed and directed the James Marsden film 10th & Wolf in the past.

Gallo is well-known for the fantastic Midnight Run with Robert De Niro, but he's also responsible for the Bad Boys action comedy starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which has just released a fourth installment despite Smith's "slap heard round the world," which threatened to ruin the project.

Betrayal will soon be presented to streamers and cable networks in an effort to find a suitable purchaser. Stay tuned for more on Collider as development on the series begins.