From 'Flowers' to 'Loki,' these are the 7 best Sophia Di Martino performances

From 'Flowers' to 'Loki,' these are the 7 best Sophia Di Martino performances ...

Sophia Di Martino has gained traction for playing Sylviea Loki, a popular Disney+ series that is currently working on its second season, which she hopes will be released in 2019. But before making her mark in the Marvel Universe, Di Martino has already starred in various roles, be it film, television, or theater, bolstering her potential. And with Season 2 of Loki approaching, people will begin to wonder what more can Di Martino can bring to the show as one of the most popular characters in the Marvel Universe.

Let's take a look at seven of Di Martino's best performances that pushed her career further into the spotlight, from Carol in Yesterday to Amy in Flowers.

Polly Emerson in Casualty (2009-2011)

Polly Emerson is a British medical drama on BBC One that was created by Jeremy Brock and Paul Unwin back in 1986. She is a regular character that first appeared in the program in 2009. Polly has been teased for being naive by her peers, and she has to eventually demonstrate that she can work as hard as her more experienced colleagues with the same dedication and drive.

Di Martino acted in 83 episodes, and viewers learn about her amazing growth as a young, optimistic paramedic. At first, she is unsure of how things work at Holby City Hospital. However, after a while, she begins to understand them.

Eva in The Darkest Universe (2016)

Di Martino reunites with BAFTA-nominated directors Tom Kingsley and Will Sharpe in this dark comedy-drama following her sister's disappearance. Eventually, Zac's friendships with Eva (Di Martino) deteriorates, and she loses interest in Zac.

Di Martino charms the audience with her heart-breaking performance as Eva, someone who appears to be betrayed, unloved, and guilty. What made it stand out more is the incredible direction, the script, and the destructive connection between Zac and Eva. All of these ingredients create a stunning, enticing mood throughout the film.

Amy Flowers in Flowers (2016-2018)

Loki is considered to be the most well-known character in the British sitcom Flowers, although some people may not know her from the show. The family consists of a depressed father and author Maurice (Julian Barratt), wife and teacher Deborah (Olivia Colman), and their twins Donald (Daniel Rigby) and Amy (Di Martino). Amy is a depressed artist who is trying to discover what she is meant to do in this world, despite her difficulties.

Di Martino demonstrates that she can stand out as well as deliver an impactful performance that viewers will remember. Amy eventually becomes the center of the show, and besides the writers being praised for bringing Amy to life with the greatest compassion vulnerability, it's no surprise why Flowers is her breakthrough role.

Claire Bennett in Click & Collect (2018)

Click & Collect, a 2018 British comedy film directed by Ben Palmer, stars Stephen Merchant as Andrew Bennett, Asim Chaudhry as Dev D'Cruz, and Di Martino as Claire Bennett, Andrew's wife. He manages to get the toy unicorn he wants from click and collect, but discovers that he must travel thousands of kilometers to get it.

Di Martino adds flair and life to Andrew and Dev's growing friendship in Click & Collect. This film shows that she can do comedy equally well as she can do drama.

Carol in Yesterday (2019)

Yesterdayis a romantic comedy directed by Danny Boyle and directed by Richard Curtis known for directing such beloved romantic films as Notting Hill (1999) and About TIme (2013), starring Himesh Patel as Jack Malik, an aspiring musician who wants to become a Grammy winner. However, after an accident, Jack discovers that he is the only one in the world who knows The Beatles and takes advantage of their success.

Di Martino, who plays Carol, has also joined Lily James, Joel Fry, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran, and others in a wonderful and funny ensemble.

Lucy in Sweetheart (2021)

Marley Morrison's award-winning, coming-of-age film follows AJ (Nell Barlow), a shy, socially awkward teenager who refuses to spend a week with her family at a British Seaside Holiday Park. AJ slowly realizes that her week may not be as bad as she expected, especially when she meets resident lifeguard Isla (Ella-Rae Smith), who provides an emotional support.

Sylvie Laufeydottir (2021-Present)

Loki is the third series to hit the MCU and is by far the most popular in terms of overall viewership. He is then faced with the decision to be removed from the timeline permanently, or help stop a major threat before it destroys everything. Together, they form an unlikely bond to discover what exactly goes on in the TVA.

Sylvie has received mostly positive reviews from critics, and she was even honored with two awards, including a Best Picture Award for Di Martino in the MTV Movie & TV Awards. Many people, from fans to regular viewers, are unsurprised by this honor, as it demonstrates why. Season 2 is expected to be released in 2023, so more of her will be coming soon.