Henry Winkler Shares Rehearsal on 'Barry' Season 4

Henry Winkler Shares Rehearsal on 'Barry' Season 4 ...

Barry has only grown more serious with each successive episode. Almost as bleak and heavy as any TV drama at the moment, though; behind the scenes, it's a different story. Check out Henry Winkler's ever-decent Twitter account, which has given us our first glimpse at the upcoming fourth season.

It's nothing but smiles that occur during rehearsals for Barry Season 4, but our three main actors, including Sarah Goldberg, look as happy as can be. We've yet to receive any information regarding what will happen during these soon-to-be-filmed eight episodes, but one thing is for certain: These three are ready for another fantastic season of television, although it will not match the quality of the previous three seasons.

The fourth season of Barry will be released shortly, although no specific date has been announced. If the first day of rehearsals is already underway, the cameras should be rolling shortly. Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Season 3's rehearsals and production have been put on hold indefinitely. Hader has been ambiguous about whether or not the show will continue beyond this point.

Henry Winkler on His Character And Working With Bill Hader in Barry Season 3

If our three main actors have truly stepped up to the plate for the critically acclaimed series, it's not because of a lack of interest. They're clearly infatuated for each other, and they'll hopefully produce more fantastic work with next year's much-anticipated new season.

Winkler tagged not the official Barry Twitter account, but a fan account by accident (though the handle, @hbo_barry, sounds legit), and he concluded the tweet by writing "HAPPY" in all captions, as though Winkler and Goldberg's big, wide toothy smiles didn't reflect his genuine desire for the business.

It's unclear how Season 4 will go down, especially with all the characters in different places physically as well as emotionally. The third season's wrap-up, in some ways, felt like a series closer, though there are still quite a few plot threads that will be addressed this likely last season.

Hader continues to impress in front and behind the camera every year, and this season will be his most difficult, especially as he intends to direct all eight episodes this year, and it will be fascinating to say the least.

Barry's fourth season is slated to be a series of unanswered questions. However, Winkler and his other cast members appear to be having a great time doing it.