From 'Community' to 'GLOW,' these are the best Alison Brie performances

From 'Community' to 'GLOW,' these are the best Alison Brie performances ...

Alison Brie has captivated our television screens in a slew of memorable roles, from Mad Men's ambitious Trudy to Communitys overachiever Annie, to other noteworthy roles including portraying the ruthless writer Diane Nguyen in Bojack Horseman. Brie has truly established her place in the hearts of TV series fans around the world.

Brie is also continuing to add a string of new videos to her IMDB page, not least of which is a remarkable performance in the Academy Award-nominated Promising Young Woman, which underscores the actress's ability to seamlessly transition between comedy and drama while excelling in everything she does.

This list is for Brie lovers out there who want to ensure they havent missed out on the best of the funny, quirky, chameleon-like actress!

Ruth in GLOW(2017-2019)

Brie discusses all of her previous roles in Elle magazine and discusses how she is most associated with GLOWs Ruth Wilder. Ruth is a struggling actress in 1980s Los Angeles who is invited to audition for the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling (or, GLOW). She is initially portrayed as a homewrecker, but quickly develops into a more complex and complex character that viewers can relate to; passionate and creative, but also her own worst foe.

Brie performed several stunts throughout the episode, including wrestling with many of her co-stars, as a mirror to her character and the way Ruth puts herself all in the professional wrestling arena.

Annie Edison in Community(2009-2015)

Brie is well-known for her role as Annie Edison in NBC's sitcom, Community, which was created for its fans to be weird and wonderful all at the same time. As Annie, Brie is a young, quirky, enthusiastic, school-girl-like character who embraces campus life; one of the few in the study group who is less inclined to participate in the morally ambiguous schemes of the college. Her varied and unrecognizable performances are always hilarious and captivating, as she never fails to leave fans laughing and fully

Sarah in Horse Girl (2020)

Brie plays Sarah, the so-called "horse girl," a lonely and disoriented young woman who lives a quiet and quiet solitary existence in Horse Girl. However, the narrative quickly evolves to become more of a sci-fi thriller that is as dark as it is mysterious.

Brie revealed that the film's mental health component is actually based on her own, real-life family history with paranoid schizophrenia, and her subsequent anxieties about her own mental health. Brie mentioned that she co-wrote the film and starred in it, indicating that her own personal and dramatic side is not to be missed.

Trudy Campbell in Mad Men (2007-2015)

Trudy, the Bries character in Mad Men, is a lovely, multi-faceted character, on many levels: optimistic, friendly, but also fully aware of the laws of the world in which she lives. She is conscientious that if Pete is a success, she will be as well, while still being acutely aware of what he is up to in his own time (yes, another cheating Mad Men husband).

Brie excels at portraying the transformation of Trudys character over time throughout the seasons of the series.

Madison in Promising Young Woman (2020)

Carey Mulligan plays Cassie, a med-school dropout who lures predatory men to their deaths, in the Oscar-nominated crime-drama Promising Young Woman. Bries' performance as Cassie's former college friend Madison is also noteworthy.

Madison is an unusual character, to say the least. Brie illustrates the unfortunately all-too-widely held method of victim blaming in a pivotal scene where two friends catch up for drinks, which continues to shape our justice system today.

Lally Graham in The Post (2017)

Brie reprises her role as Lally Graham, the daughter of Steven Spielberg's famous Washington Post publisher (Meryl Streep) in another big screen moment. Despite starring alongside big names in the entertainment industry, like Bob Odenkirk, Tom Hanks, and the aforementioned Meryl Streep, Brie still makes her mark in this entertaining drama about a true story cover-up that propelled the nation's first female publisher to lead a war between press and state.

Michelle in The Rental (2020)

The Rental, a horror novel about two couples who rent a vacation house for a weekend away, is played by Brie, who is happy to be unaware of her husband's infidelity until a twist in the story transforms the celebratory weekend break into a nightmarish scenario. Brie brings to life the tension and turmoil that develops as the story unfolds.

Lainey in Sleeping With Other People (2015)

Brie plays Lainey in the 2015 comedy Sleeping With Others. Based on a timeless and classic premise, similar to When Harry Met Sally, the film follows Jake (Jason Sudeikis) and Lainey's journey into a complicated just friends relationship that eventually leads to a romantic engagement. Sudekis and Brie play off each other with just the right amount of humor and warmth.

Unikitty in The LEGO Movie (2014)

Brie plays Unikitty in the family-friendly LEGO Movie, which features a charming ensemble cast and engaging animations, all of which are remarkable for adults as they are for children. Brie plays the half-kitten, half-unicorn LEGO character, which possesses all of the characteristics of an idyllic childhood persona, as well as the capacity for deadly temper tantrums.