The Best HBO Max Movies to Binge Watch Right Now!

The Best HBO Max Movies to Binge Watch Right Now! ...

HBO Max is a WarnerMedia-provided streaming service that not only hosts HBO pay cable channels, but also offers access to a wide variety of films from the Warner Bros. Library as well as films from other studios.

The truth of the matter is that the HBO Max movies that are now available for purchase are really good. There is a wide range of old movies, recent blockbusters, oddball independent films, and, yes, superhero films.

A substantial number of DC Comics films have been available to stream online. The film company that produced The Dark Knight and Man of Steel

However, if the prospect of streaming any of the more than 600 movies that are now available makes you feel overwhelmed, weve got you covered. Below is a hand-curated list of HBO Max films.

While recommending films that you may have heard of but have not yet seen, our writers will argue why each film is different. Some of these you may have heard of but have never seen, while others you may have heard of many times.

Below is a list of the top HBO Max movies available for streaming.

The Batman

The Batman, one of the most popular films of the year, is now available on HBO Max. Bruce Wayne, as played by Robert Pattinson, leans more towards the investigative aspect of the character as he investigates a string of horrific deaths linked to Gothams corruption.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable DC Extended Universe films. Diana, an Amazonian warrior who travels to the United Kingdom during World War One to fight the god Ares, is the subject of this film.

There, she meets a guy whom she begins to love, and she learns that the struggle isn't what she expected.

The Matrix

The Matrix was a year ahead of its time when it was first released in 1999. It will make you question everything you think to be true about the world.

Neo goes about his seemingly ordinary life until someone informs him that everything is a simulation and that his mission in the real world is far greater.


Dune, Frank Herbert's groundbreaking novel, is being adapted into a film series, with Dune serving as the first installment.

Paul Atreides (played by Timothee Chalamet) is a talented individual who is forced to go to the most hazardous planet in the universe in order to protect his family and his people.


Tenet is a concept that isnt the simplest to grasp your brain around, like many of Christopher Nolan's films.

Thanks to some incredible action sequences and fantastic work from John David Washington and Robert Pattinson, you'll keep engaging.

The Prisoner Of Azkaban and Harry Potter

Alfonso Cuaron directed the best Harry Potter film before winning a few Best Director awards. Chris Columbus did a fantastic job of establishing the Harry Potter universe, and he deserves praise for adhering to the books and casting the best actors.

Cuaron was however wise enough to realize that by the time the third film was released, it was time to start taking some artistic risks, or else the films would be unable to live on their own.

He recognized the pulse and, rather than merely adapting the books to a new medium, offers the Harry Potter series some of its strongest emotional beats and ultimately gives it a cinematic feel.

Story on West Side

In a sea of remakes, Stephen Spielberg's West Side Story stands out significantly. A young couple falls in love in 1957 New York. However, their relationship sparks a larger conflict between the two groups.

The performances aren't half bad, either, and the music and choreography are equally impressive.

Spirited Away

Spirited Away is one of HBO Max's most well-known Studio Ghibli films. The film follows a youngster named Chihiro and her parents as they enter a disused theme park. Her parents' transformation into animals only worsens the situation.

The Shining

The Shining is a sequel to Stephen Kings' novel of the same name. Jack Torrance, played by Jack Nicholson, is struggling with writer's block and decides to take a job at the Overlook Hotel in the Rocky Mountains in order to overcome it. But strange things in the hotel begin to make him uncomfortable.

Snyder, the Justice League's new boss, has been removed.

Justice League is still one of the most ambitious re-releases we have ever seen, although it may be nearly four hours long and contain many scenes that you will have seen in the original.

Expect a significantly darker tone than the original, as well as appearances from villains that weren't included in the original cast, such as Darkseid and Jared Letos Joker.