How to Digivolve Digimon Survive Digivolving Guide

How to Digivolve Digimon Survive Digivolving Guide ...

Digimon Survive has some tough battles, and youll never be able to win them if you dont evolve your Digimons. Here's all you need to know about digivolution in Digimon Survive.

How to Digivolve in Digimon Survive

Digimon is played in this game in two ways: one is to digivolve it.

  • If theyre a partner Digimon, like Agumon, they can digivolve (and undigivolve) mid-battle.
  • Digimon that you befriend can only digivolve with the power of slabs.

In mid-battle, partner Digimon may digivolve and undigivolve whenever they want. Just make sure you have the required amount of SP to maintain that particular form every turn, otherwise the Digimon will automatically return to their rookie form.

Keep Agumon in its champion form, Greymon, will consume five SP every turn.

To conserve SP, you may undigivolve a mon into their rookie form anytime. Moreover, a partner rookie who completes their turn without doing anything (no moves, no attacks, no items) will automatically regain a substantial amount of SP before the next cycle.

To digivolve recruitable Digimons, like Patamon, you need an Enlightenment Slab. They are usually found in chests scattered throughout battle maps during major chapter battles. Be sure to open all of them before you complete the objective.

The digivolution process is quite simple once you have your Enlightenment Slab:

Like your partner Digimons, they will never go back to their previous forms, so choose your paths wisely! Its usually one type of a particular slab per digivolution.

Every rookie-level Digimon has several branches to digivolve into. It's beneficial to befriend more than one of the same kind, especially if youre after specific ultimate or mega Digimon that branch off from the same line.