In a heartbreaking letter, an Idol alum announces his dad's death

In a heartbreaking letter, an Idol alum announces his dad's death ...

When Catie Turner first appeared for the judges on Season 16 of American Idol, her father, Kevin Turner, was standing right outside the door with his fingers crossed and toasted her with family when she emerged with a golden ticket. During the Showstopper round, the proud papa could be seen dancing in the audience she performed.

Five years later, the 22-year-old indie pop singer who climbed to the Top 7 in 2018 and signed with Atlantic Records is grieving her father's death.

Turner humbly states that her dad was imaginative and strange.

catie turner (@hashtagcatie) has shared a post.

Caties mom, Catherine, who was also featured on television during her daughters' Idol journey, wrote on Facebook, We are all so sorry. My husband,Kevin Turner, has died. Please pray for him.

Kevin started treatments for cancer in January 2022 and by April, doctors reported his tumors were shrinking. On July 20, the same day that Caties' new music video for Step Mom premiered on MTV in Times Square, Catherine wrote a sad message. A lot of worry, she said. Kevin has been placed in hospice. Please keep him and his family in your thoughts.

Catie took to Instagram to share her favorite photos and memories shortly after her father's death on July 29.

My father's first memory was when he told me a bedtime story, which she wrote, but which consisted of more horrific plot lines: the miniature world ride coming to life and going on a killing spree. i loved it. as the years passed on, he added more details, like donald drinking starting bar fights and goofy being the evil puppet master.

Turner, who grew up in Langhorne, Pa., is well-known for her own flair for the dramatic. Her posts ranged from vintage photos showing him looking contemplative to a more recent one depicting him dressed as Elvis.

She continued her caption about him by stating, "He was inventive, he was strange," and he was well-known for his crass humor and his vocal rendition of Love Shack." he was my dad, and i will forever be grateful.

Turner also included a sweet photo of her dad and her with an owl to her Instagram Stories. She then added the words i love you dad. forever and ever.

Caties' posts were echoed by many music industry colleagues, as did her followers. For instance, fellow Idol alum Alyssa Raghu, who appeared on Season 16 and 17, wrote, "I love you so much. sending all my love."

Alicia Vitarelli, a Philadelphia news anchor, commented on Turner's story. I will never forget the many occasions I saw him accompanying you on your quest for glory. He was a special man.

This year, Turner has also lost two childhood pets.

catie turner's tweet (@hashtagcatie) is the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Turner's dad's death comes on the heels of the loss of two of her family's beloved pets, too. In the caption, she wrote, she lost a friend while touring the United States, and it's been a difficult transition between home sickness and guilt with the immense gratitude i feel to be able to do this every night. i'll love u forever rosie posie. It's an honor growing up with you.

Turner wrote a few months before the death of her best friend, a different dog whom she called her best friend. Derp taught me how to love deeply and selflessly, and how to get pee stains out of anything. U will always be mine forever and forever. In February 2021, Turner had written that she was spending her final full day with him only to later declare his death.

Turner is likely to find refuge with her close-knit family, including her two brothers, in Pennsylvania. On July 1, she told Monsters and Critics that she always looks forward to returning home during a tour.

I just know that my bed is waiting for me around the corner. It just feels so special to be in your own house and your own home and seeing your family. Then I spend the rest of the tour counting down the days until I get to go home and see my family and sleep.