In Digimon Survive, how do you acquire Betamon?

In Digimon Survive, how do you acquire Betamon? ...

Youll collect and train all kinds of Digimon throughout your time with Digimon Survive. There are over 100 to see, each of which can fight for you, evolve, and become your friend. However, you must find them before you can do anything else. This guide will show you how to get Betamon so you may begin training it sooner.

How to get Betamon

In your first move in battle against Betamon, youll need to establish a conversation with it by selecting the Talk option. This will allow you to negotiate with the Digimon and reply to its queries. If youve answered several times correctly, the Digimon will join your party.

  • No, but its not easy
  • What a gentle soul!
  • Be true to yourself

Betamon will only be joining you when you raise the negotiation limit as high as you can go. It's up to you to experiment with what youve got, though.

Where to find Betamon

In chapter 1, we found Betamon in the first free battle arena in the school. Though it seems that the Digimon you battle when you first enter the zone may vary depending on your version of the game and random luck. Continue fighting here, and you should eventually encounter a Betamon. Then, use the methods above to your advantage.