Bear and Breakfast: How Long Does It Take to Beat It

Bear and Breakfast: How Long Does It Take to Beat It ...

Gummy Cat's Bear and Breakfast is a relaxing, laid-back simulation game that offers many quests and structures to complete, yet others may be unsure how many hours they will be able to get out of this adorable indie game.

The Length of Bear and Breakfast

It's hard to gauge an individual user's play time in business management simulations. Some players will undoubtedly go through the content as quickly as possible, doing the minimum to get to the end of Bear and Breakfast, while others may want to take their time. You can spend hours chatting with locals, making their hotels perfect, and collecting a lot of supplies.

The developers estimate that most new Bear and Breakfast players will have to play for 30 hours every day, which is great for those looking to earn as much fun as they can out of every dollar. 30 hours of gameplay for $20 USD isn't a bad trade.

The developers have posted some known issues with the game and how to resolve them on the game's Steam page. One of the main issues players may encounter is the lack of interaction with certain buttons, which occurs when a player hasn't deleted their demo saves from Next Fest last year.

The Replayability of Bear and Breakfast

This calming video game is packed with all kinds of quests, collectibles, and other things to explore. If players didn't 100% this game on their first playthrough, it will definitely be worthwhile to give it another try. However, some players may find that the beginning sections and tutorials distract them from wanting a whole new playthrough.

Bear and Breakfast has several save slots, so players may start over without deleting all of their previous saves. This game is great to share with friends and family, since it will not sit idle for most players after its first 30 hours playthrough.

Bear and Breakfast is now available on PC and is coming soon to Switch.