A Jim Carrey Legacy Sequel Is Required for the World

A Jim Carrey Legacy Sequel Is Required for the World ...

Top Gun: Maverick is the summer's breakout sensation. Thirty-six years after the original Top Gun was released, Paramount Pictures has another jet-fueled box office behemoth on its hands; the legacy sequel has become Paramount Pictures' highest-grossing film in the United States and Canada, surpassing Titanic. That makes Tom Cruises Maverick the new King of the World.

Instead of realizing that audience members appreciated the striking practical effects and traditional, emotional storytelling that was delivered at a high level without needing the smirky, ironic attachment that has become en vogue, studio executives will likely focus on the legacy sequel with a big star on the side of the equation. It's pretty much inevitable.

Tom Cruise is certainly a major contributor to Top Gun: Mavericks' success. We just aren't producing the same old-guard movies these days, anyway. The public still has a genuine fascination with Cruise, and yet he doesnt feel overexposed in the manner that former box office greats like Will Smith or Johnny Depp do these days. Also, his previous films like Top Gun still have a cultural cachet, and they're still broadcast constantly on cable.

What other genre has the same power and bankability as Cruises, yet has a cinemaography that might be revisited many years later? Who is popular among the masses, yet rare enough to make their public appearances or new projects feel special? Who has a legacy sequel in them that might surpass Top Gun: Maverick?

Jim Carrey's answer is simple: he has a previous hit that seems perfectly suited for a 2020 update? Dear reader, he has several.

Carrey's string of box office successes in the 1990s can only be matched by the aforementioned Smith. Those films are still on cable right now, and Im sure one of his comedies from the same time will be played. His Saturday Night Live appearances were enjoyable, but they were just fun because he just wanted to be silly on TV for free. With the recent Sonic films, he has even endeared himself to a new generation.

Dumb and Dumber To, a follow-up to 1994's Dumb and Dumber, received poor reviews, but it's fair to assume that it was one of Carrey's lesser-known legacy sequel films. The central character discovers an unknown child in the movie.

Carrey has other films that feel more suitable for a revival or that offer an intriguing return drive. Carrey has been on record recently contemplating a retirement from acting, but we believe he has one more box office juggernaut in him. Here are some of the most ideal legacy sequels.

The Mask

There was concern about how audiences would respond to a comic book-inspired project when The Mask was released during Carrey's unprecedented hot streak in 1994. These worries seem silly in 2022, when comic book companies are routinely holding the top spot at the box office. It seems like the perfect time to bring Stanley Ipkiss and Lokis mask back to cinemas.

A new film might satirize our current superhero-obsessed landscape or even push things in a darker direction that is more in line with the original film's source material. If you add a third splashy name as the villain, this might be an attractive proposition.

Carrey is certainly correct to hold out for the best pitch. A Mask sequel must not be reimagined, a la Dumb and Dumber To, so it will require an ambitious director who can either lean into the Tex Avery cartoon-inspired madness or bring something entirely different to the table, like the New Jack Swing-inspired feel of Edge City in the original.

Ace Ventura

In 1994, a pet detective seemed like a dumb idea, but in a society that has dog shops and pet bakeries and that takes animal rights more seriously than ever, Ace seems to fit in fairly nicely these days. Legacy sequels tend to find their protagonist down on their luck when we catch back up with them in the future, but an Ace Ventura sequel might find the pet detective in high demand and full-blown celebrity status.

As social media shows, a high-profile case involving Instagram famous pets might be a modern hook, but cute animal content of any sort will do the job. As long as Ace doesnt discover that he has a long-lost child, this thing pretty much sells itself. Plus, it would be nice to have Ace be the star of a film that isnt horribly transphobic or racist!

The Cable Guy

The Cable Guy was not exactly set on fire when it was released in 1996, but its darker tone and key themes have proved to be ahead of its time, and now it is regarded as a cult classic. Chip was raised by his television, who as an adult was unable to distinguish reality from TV-based explanations of what life and relationships should be like. In an age of internet culture and fake news, Chip's behaviors are very relevant.

Chip was eeriely averse when he predicted how our televisions, computers, and phones would all be connected, so what would he be doing now that all of his predictions have been realized? Plus, anyone who saw Apple TV+'s Severance this year has seen that director Ben Stiller is at the top of his game. Perhaps this could be an example of both star and director returning to expand on their original ideas.

The Truman Show

The Truman Show concluded on a tragic note after discovering that his entire existence had been a meticulously created, 24/7 reality television program? How would Truman handle his day as one of the most famous people on the planet, in a world where he could now see the cameras watching him? It's a pretty good possibility, but now, thanks to social media, we all can be the stars of our very own Truman Show.

The Truman Show, as depicted in the Truman Show, has become a part of everyday life. On its official flyer, the 2022 Cannes Film Festival paid tribute to the film, stating that Peter Weir and Andrew Niccols The Truman Show (1998) is a contemporary interpretation of Platos cave, and the decisive scene encourages viewers to contemplate the power of fiction, between manipulation and catharsis.

Truman Burbank may wish to explore a variety of possibilities with him. Perhaps Christof, the creator of The Truman Show portrayed by Ed Harris, would try to start the experiment with another person? Perhaps Christof would help this new subject, or perhaps in a cynical twist, to help with the production? What if Christof and his team need to include more drama and chaos in a new subject's life to keep viewers interested?