Liberty's reaction to a shock 'death' revelation from Hollyoaks is revealed

Liberty's reaction to a shock 'death' revelation from Hollyoaks is revealed ...

Hollyoaks spoilers are here.

Sienna Blake and Damon Kinsella of Hollyoaks believe they killed Warren Fox after the former hit him over the head with a wrench.

Damon is struggling with the guilt that he has caused him to confess to his girlfriend Liberty Savage (or believes he has done) and actress Jessamy Stoddart has revealed all about her reaction to the revelation.

The star said in an interview with Inside Soap: "She joins Damon in revealing some information, and that's how everything all unfolds." Damon is the kind of person who is determined to reveal what he's done, but he doesn't want to put that pressure on her...

"There's no way out, so she's just shocked, she's completely shocked that he's done this." Though she's unsurprised that Sienna is involved, she says she's not surprised.

"She goes to Sienna about it, and there's a big showdown between them.... Sienna does something that forces Liberty to walk away."

The actress claims that Liberty wants to talk to the cops before she reveals anything, but since that might see the two people she loves end up in prison, she might be persuaded to keep quiet.

"Liberty just wants to do some yoga, sing some songs, and live a happy life," Jessamy continues. "But Damon and Sienna's actions might put her in serious danger...

"Liberty loves Damon and wants to find a way to help him through this situation." But now that he's crossed the red line, she doesn't feel like she can fix anything.

Is Damon and Liberty's destiny coming to an end?

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