The Director of MultiVersus Will Try Very Hard to Include Regular Shows Like Mordecai and Rigby

The Director of MultiVersus Will Try Very Hard to Include Regular Shows Like Mordecai and Rigby ...

Thanks to the efforts of Game Director Tony Huynh, regular shows Mordecai and Rigby may be in the future of MultiVersus.

MultiVersus is now in open beta, and players are enjoying their time with the Warner Bros. platform fighter. Although many have tried, few games manage to hold their own in a genre that boasts the Super Smash Bros. franchise, this one may live up to the hype.

One of the best things that MultiVersus has going for it is its development team at Player First Games. The players clearly care about the characters they are including as much as they care about the game itself.

Warner Bros. is on board with helping the title become a smash hit with a fully voiced cast of fighters, along with some excellent representation from some of its biggest brands.

So when the MultiVersus Game Director announces that he will try and include a well-known IP in the game, we're inclined to believe him.

Is There a Regular Show Characters Coming to MultiVersus?

Tony Huynh, the game director, says fans will do his best to add regular show characters to the game in a new tweet from the co-founder of Player First Games.

Tony and the Player First team are getting bombarded with thousands of character requests per day right now. After all, the multiVersus player base is huge already, and we were not even out of Open Beta yet.

Although Huynh has been known to be very responsive on Twitter, the team usually doesn't reply to character requests with an affirmative or negative response.

It was equally as surprising as it was exciting when the Game Director assured a fan that he'd do everything in his power to keep regular show characters in the game.

I'll do my best, because this is one of my favorite programs.

Tony Huynh admits that Regular Show is one of his favorites, and that he is determined to include its protagonists in the game.

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The Regular Show is a Cartoon Network animated series starring a bluejay named Mordecai, a raccoon named Rigby, and their co-workers, usually involving Mordecai and Rigby doing their best to keep themselves entertained, while funny and difficult situations occur on a regular basis.

The fact that the Regular Show is a Cartoon Network trademark, it is possible to bring it to MultiVersus. And the titles' Game Director is likely to do his best to ensure that it happens.

Wed wager that Mordecai and Rigby will not be coming to the game anytime soon. However, we do know which currently unreleased character is likely to arrive in MultiVersus next.

Plus, the release of both Rick and Mortys is just around the corner too! And the mad scientist Rick Sanchez is already appearing in-game for some players.