What to Do After Inheriting The Frenzied Flame In Elden Ring

What to Do After Inheriting The Frenzied Flame In Elden Ring ...

Elden Ring appears to have six different endings (that fans know of). These include the Age of Fracture, the Age of Order, the Age of the Stars, the Age of the Duskborn, and of course the Lord of Chaos.

The Frenzied Flame ending is the only Elden Ring ending that outperforms the others, eliminating players' choice of ending at the end of the game. There are only two major paths to go: to the Giants' Forge to use the Flame of Ruin yourself, or to the Haligtree to get rid of your inheritance.

Erik Petrovich's post-evolution update was posted on July 30, 2022. Hyetta is a Finger Maiden searching for her destiny, revealed to her through Shabriri Grapes. Only players who have inherited the Frenzied Flame may receive a special item from her as the future Lord of Chaos unless they complete a different questline and defeat two of the game's toughest bosses.

The Frenzied Flame Reveals How To Burn The Erdtree Without Sacrifice

The Frenzied Flame is used in the Forge of the Giants to burn the Erdtree. Normally, this requires the sacrifice of a maiden, but Melina can spare Melina and burn the Erdtree yourself. Melina does not take this approach too seriously, though, and threatens to kill you when you meet the Three Fingers.

The Frenzied Flame and the Giant's Forge are only accessible after defeating Morgott and acquiring the Rold Medallion to activate the lift. Melina will need to be sacrificed as normal.

Hyetta's Questline For The Unique Frenzied Flame Seal

The Frenzied Flame Seal is the only gear available to any future Lord of Chaos players that increases Frenzied Flame spell damage by a staggering 20%.

Hyetta is found in different locations throughout Liurnia. Each time, she may be given a Shabriri Grape to guide her on her path. At the end of Hyetta's questline, she discovers her way to the Three Fingers in the Frenzied Flame Proscription. Talking to her after inheriting the Flame of Frenzy rewards players with this powerful Incantation-boosting Seal and completes her questline.

To unlock The Elden Ring Lord of Chaos ending... beat the final boss

The Frenzied Flame adds a new level to the Elden Ring the Lord of Chaos (and Age of Chaos) ending. While all other unlockable endings to Elden Ring are interchangeable, players are locked into becoming the Lord of Chaos.

After defeating the Elden Beast, two options to select a mending rune will be available. If you don't give yourself up of the Frenzied Flame, though, these options are no longer available. You are predestined to wield an Age of Chaos and destroy the world to cinders.

Inheritance may be undone if you want a different outcome.

The Frenzied Flame and the Three Fingers aren't the end of the world well, it's not. However, there's a way to avoid becoming the catalyst for the apocalypse. By following Millicent's questline to the Haligtree and defeating Malenia, players gain the ability to remove the Frenzied Flame by Miquella's Needle.

To undo the Frenzied Flame, look for Millicent in Caelid's Church of the Plague and obtain both halves of the Secret Haligtree Medallion to access the Consecrated Snowfield. In Crumbling Farum Azula, you're left with a secret boss fight.

Elden Ring is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as Xbox One and Series X|S.