Guild Wars 3 in Unreal Engine 5 might be in the works

Guild Wars 3 in Unreal Engine 5 might be in the works ...

ArenaNet, the creators of Guild Wars 2, is working on a Guild Wars 3 game? It's likely that there's an unannounced project in the works that will be based on an established online fantasy IP, which appears to be a new MMORPG game developed by Unreal Engine 5.

ArenaNet has confirmed that Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is still planning a Steam release in late 2022 and a fourth expansion is in the works, although it will take a long time to develop.

A new job listing for a new project (spotted by Top Tier List) suggests that something more than an expansion is in the works at the Guild Wars studio. It is based on Unreal Engine 5, so it seems unlikely that this project will be the Guild Wars 2 expansion.

It's possible that this is a new Guild Wars game, although there's no direct evidence that this is Guild Wars 3, as the game is based around an established online fantasy IP. Unless ArenaNet is developing a game around someone else's MMO IP, it's reasonable to assume that this is a new Guild Wars game.

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According to the listing, the project is part of the evolution of the online role-playing game genre and will focus on multiplayer storytelling such as interactions, conversations, scenes, dynamic spawning, and emergent objectives.

Whatever happens, it's highly probable that the next Guild Wars 2 expansion will be released first, so Guild Wars 3 or whatever this online fantasy RPG project is would be several years away, despite being a well-funded project in pre-production.

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