Fans compare the RHOBH scene to the American Idol audience

Fans compare the RHOBH scene to the American Idol audience ...

Fans of Bravo are expressing their displeasure at a Christmas party scene that was featured on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

The group attended a holiday gala at the newlywed Diana Jenkins mansion on July 27, 2022. In addition to food, drinks, and a dazzling display of lit trees that evoked a department store vibe, Jenkins provided entertainment to her guests in the form of her husband, Asher Monroe, who is 15 years her junior.

An overserved Erika Jayne began to roar in from her seat when Asher came up to perform his Christmas carol O Holy Night. What followed was a brief segment that featured flashes to a crying Kyle Richards and an irritated Garcelle Beauvais, who pointed out that Erika had too much to drink at a group meeting.

Several RHOBH actors spoke up about Asher Monroe's performance on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Aftershow.

Richards said Asher completely blew everyone away. It wasn't just that he is so talented, which he is incredibly talented. It was also the songs that brought me back to growing up. It's very personal. Everyone got so enthralled.

Asher performed, and Beauvais added, and there was a heckler among us by the name of Erika Jayne.

Erika chimed in to say, Asher was great. I was the second most enjoyable person behind Asher. Jenkins also told her she made the party a good party by joining in.

Fans Reacted to the RHOBH Scene

While the RHOBH cast applauded Ashers' performance, some fans were unsure. On social media, some viewers described the scene as unintentional and as a TV talent competition.

Could it be that Ashers' American idol audition was so good? One viewer wrote in the comment section of a clip of Ashers' performance.

Is this Constantine? another cracked, in reference to Idol alum Constantine Maroulis.

Diana invited everyone to her son's Christmas recital. Another joked that it was cute.

When you need him, where is david foster? another asked.

This whole scene was CRINGE! The fake tears, Erika trying to steal his thunder, Diana giving the stage mom vibe, and another viewer chimed in.

He is a stumbling musician who is using Bravo as a platform. Now we know why Diana probably agreed to the program, another wrote.

Jenkins responded to criticism about her husband by praising Asher. She replied to an Instagram user, "Someone dropped a new album in 2022 and it wasnt Erika Jayne!"

After a commenter wrote, Jenkins denied she signed onto the Bravo reality show to help her fiance's career. You must love him a lot to go on that show to promote his album.

Asher did this for me, Jenkins replied. I did this for a purely different reason. Babies. So much shame around fertility/miscarriages: Woman in 40s getting pregnant etc. Little did I know what I am going through.

Diana Jenkins has always been supportive of Asher Monroe's career.

Asher Monroe (@ashermonroe) has shared a post on her blog.

Asher Monroe, 33, has been a lifelong performer since he was seven years old in Beauty and the Beast, and his acting credits include the Pop Rocks film and the teen sitcom Zoey 101. He has also appeared in the NBC drama series Parenthood, with an eight-episode run.

According to Bustle, Asher signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records and performed as the lead vocalist in the band V Factory. He has performed with prominent artists including Pitbull and American Idol alum Kelly Clarkson, and in July 2022, he released his solo album, Windows of Time, per Broadway World.

According to Womens Health, Asher has revealed that his fiancee impacted his life and career.

Jenkins has had a significant impact on my career, according to a spokesman for the former. She has always been supportive of me through difficult times. I would not be the man I am today without her. I have always admired her in her way of guiding her life. She has always been an example, model, mother, and other positions.