Gabrielle Union, 49, is seen wearing a tight black catsuit with cutouts

Gabrielle Union, 49, is seen wearing a tight black catsuit with cutouts ...

Gabrielle Update: In her very revealing outfit, which had a cutaway that was significantly larger than it was intended to be, the actress from Cheaper by the Dozen left little to the imagination.

Gabrielle Union appears to be more stunning as time passes. She is just uncanny. On Saturday, July 23, the actress, who is now 49, surprised onlookers when she left her house in Los Angeles to attend a bachelorette party there.

Cheaper by the Dozen's alum attracted attention when she walked into the party wearing a barely-there skirt and matching leggings. She was greeted by the future bride and a large group of her stunning pals.

The couple has two daughters: Zaya, who is 14 years old, and Kaavia, who is 3 years old.

Gabrielle said not too long ago that she has some second thoughts about her participation in the film. During her appearance on Good Morning America the previous year, she expressed concerns about muzzling her character Isis. She also wrote an apology letter to Isis in her book titled You Got Anything Stronger?

The fact that Isis discovers that another team's choreography has been stolen by another team in the film is enough to enrage anyone, however, Gabrielle has stated that she did not believe she could portray it that way.

The speaker emphasized that black women should not be enraged, and I was not even remotely concerned about silenceing her. She said that in that film, I played the antagonist. I had silenced her and made her a wonderful and honorable leader, but I soon realized that I was also going through it with myself.

Gabrielle believes that considering this would have prompted her to alter her performance in some way. She said, I would have allowed her whole humanity, and part of being able to feel rage when mistreated is part of being a whole person.

I would have allowed her to demonstrate her whole humanity, according to the woman. When you dont allow yourself to express your whole range of emotions, other people can say, Maybe what I did was horrible. I would have directed all of my anger toward her.

At a Zoom reunion in August 2020, Gabrielle presented ideas for a sequel to costar Kirsten and director Peyton Reed. Despite the fact that she has some reservations about the way she handled the initial production, Gabrielle did present ideas for a sequel.

When asked about the impact that this film had and continues to have, Kirsten said 20 years after the fact. So, whatever it is that we may one day develop, I mean, Kirsten, maybe we were co-heads of the PTA. Whatever it is, you may be able to determine it.