Dracthyr Soar is nerfed in WoW Dragonflight alpha and Evoker is tweaked

Dracthyr Soar is nerfed in WoW Dragonflight alpha and Evoker is tweaked ...

Fans of the WoW Dragonflight alpha will be disappointed to learn that a Dracthyr Soar nerf will drastically reduce the speed at which the new race can fly around in the MMORPG. In addition, there are plenty more tweaks planned to customize the latest World of Warcraft class in response to player feedback.

The Dracthyr Soar ability's maximum speed will be reduced from its current 930% to 640% in the next Dragonflight alpha build, reducing about a third of the speed bonuses offered by soaring. Blizzard says this change was made because the Dracthyrs racial ability is available everywhere, and that there will be no change to the Dragon Isles Drakes' maximum speed.

Sunders, the game's creator, believes that all Dragon Isles characters are on the same footing, except for the regions where flying mounts are the primarystay of travel. Dracthyr has a significant efficiency advantage over characters from other races when doing non-Dragon Isles content.

The players state that Soar is a vital part of the Dracthyr identity, but it was never intended to be a significant efficiency or performance improvement over other races. They also state that the change did not affect the fun of the locomotion mechanics during playtesting, but that players can still benefit from Soar's ability to move faster than characters on epic mounts, although it is slightly less dramatic.

Sunders also discusses a number of significant changes to the Dracthyr Evoker, a new unique dragon class. In particular, the Devastation specialisation is highlighted, with the DPS-focused spec expected to undergo a number of changes in the next alpha build.

The current talent tree isnt incorporating both red and blue magic enough, argues Sunders, and builds that utilize both types of magic should be the norm, with all-red or all-blue being much more niche.

Sunders mentions that the use of Feed the Flames and Everburning Flame is awkward, that Scarlet Adaptation is too impactful on builds across the board, and that blue-centric single target builds aren't flowing in a satisfying manner.

Dracthyr Evoker Patch Notes for WoW Dragonflight alpha

Here are a few highlights from the upcoming Alpha build:

  • Change to Soar for Dracthyr that reduces their maximum speed from (roughly) 930% to 640%. The maximum speed for Dragon Isles Drakes is unchanged.
  • Honed Aggression now affects both Azure Strike and Living Flame, increasing their damage by 5% per rank.
  • Catalyze is a new, 1-rank passive on the left side of the tree. While channeling Disintegrate your Fire Breath on the target deals damage 100% more often.
  • Iridescence is a new, 1-rank passive at the bottom of the right side of the tree. Casting an empower spell increases the damage of your next 2 spells of the same color by 15% within 10 sec.
  • Power Swell is now a 2-rank node that reads, Empower spells increase your Essence regeneration rate by 50% for 2 sec or 4 sec [based on talent rank].
  • Feed the Flames now triggers whenever you consume an Essence Burst effect, instead of whenever Pyre is cast.
  • Everburning Flame now triggers from all Red damage spells, instead of only Pyre and Living Flame. This means that damage from Firestorm will extend Fire Breath. Damage from Ruby Embers will continue to not trigger Everburning Flame, and Fire Breath will not extend itself.
  • Scarlet Adaptations damage cap is being reduced to 2x Spellpower, down from its current value of 6x Spellpower.
  • Charged Blast and Focusing Iris as they currently exist are being removed, and replaced with a spell called Shattering Star.
  • Shattering Star has a 15 sec cooldown, is instant cast, and does not cost Essence. Exhale a bolt of concentrated power from your mouth for Spellfrost damage that cracks that targets defenses, increasing the damage they take from you by 20% for 4 sec.
  • The options in the choice node following this ability are also being redesigned: Focusing Iris is a passive that increases the duration of Shattering Stars damage taken effect by 2 sec. Arcane Vigor is a passive that causes Shattering Star to generate 1 Essence.

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