Shazam! Fury Of The Gods: Six Of DC's Shazam Family's Most Powerful Members, Ranked

Shazam! Fury Of The Gods: Six Of DC's Shazam Family's Most Powerful Members, Ranked ...

The Shazam Family is a group of powerful mortals led by Billy Batson. The members are made up of the same foster family of brothers and sisters, each receiving a piece of Shazam's power, as when transformed, the power is divided equally among six of the members.

The siblings of the Vasquez foster family demonstrate that they are genuine in their love of each other and the people they can assist with their abilities. It is exciting to see how they balance their superhero lives with their responsibilities in Shazam!

6 Pedro Pena

Pedro Pena wears the Shazam costume in green color and is an avid lover of all things candy and snacks.

When given the powers of Shazam, the character concentrates more on the physical abilities of Shazam and the flight capability rather than on the other attributes he receives. His brawn is helpful, but his quiet and reserved personality makes him far from the strongest member of the group.

5 Eugene Choi

Eugene Choi is the best choice when it comes to answering a question or resolving a problem. He is exceptionally intelligent and capable, and is known for advising strangers in unfamiliar places how to return home if necessary. Eugene has a fascination with technology and gaming.

Eugene wears a grey costume, with frizzed-up hair as if he had been electrocuted. The character is funny and appealing to observe on the page. More often than not, the character will speak or zap his way out of situations rather than firing his fists out loud.

4 Darla Dudley

Darla Dudley, the youngest member of the Shazam family, has a lot of potential for a superhero career. She loves all of her foster siblings and foster parents, and is incredibly optimistic about everything. Her abilities aren't as great as the others, but she has a fantastic ear for Shazam's super speed.

Darla wears a purple outfit, and the only problem the character has is that she is too loud. This is to be expected, and even she states it as a fact that she is detained too bad guys. This is because she is young, yet still catching bad guys with her speed.

3 Freddy Freeman

Freddy Freeman is introduced as the good-natured prankster in the foster home in the New 52/DC Rebirth timeline. He is prone to mischief and pickpocketing and does not allow his disability to hinder his kind nature and bravery. However, when confronted with Shazam's power, Freddy becomes Captain Marvel Jr. and wears a blue outfit.

Captain Marvel Jr. displays his powers proudly when he first became a hero, a fitting nod to Elvis Presley, who took inspiration from Captain Marvel Jr. in his eccentric capes and outfits. What makes Freddy one of the best members of the Shazam Family is his best friend relationship with Billy Batson, who has gone through his trials to be worthy of Shazam.

2 Mary Bromfield

Mary Bromfield, the eldest of the Vasquez family's foster children, grew up in an abusive home. She seems to have the best connection with Shazam as a superhero, and the two are seen laughing and beating up bad guys together. Lady Shazam wears a skirt in a costume similar to Shazam's.

Lady Shazam is presented as being somewhat like Shazam, and as the eldest, has a good appreciation of her foster siblings and their respect. However, considering Billy Batson was the one chosen by the Wizard, she must choose the second best.

1 Billy Batson

Billy Batson, chosen by the Wizard to be the Champion and Defender of the Rock of Eternity, showed that he was genuine of heart and ready to face the world as a superhero. Equipped with Solomon's wisdom, Hercules' stamina, Zeus's might, Achilles' courage, and his speed, Billy Batson can become the hero and unlock his power potential with just one word: SHAZAM.

Billy Batson is the leader of the Shazam Family, and for good reason. He was chosen by the Wizard to be his Champion. Billy has faced many difficulties but has never self-prioritised. He has gained friendship with the Justice League.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods is scheduled to premiere in theaters on December 21, 2022.