Angelina Jolie Wins the Battle Against Brad Pitt Over The French Winery

Angelina Jolie Wins the Battle Against Brad Pitt Over The French Winery ...

Angelina Jolie has won a legal battle with Brad Pitt about the ownership of the Chateau Miraval vineyard they used for their 2014 wedding.

Pitt and his wife purchased a private estate on their Provencal Vineyard in 2008. The couple has since purchased the well-known Rose Company. Since then, Pitt has been busy renovating the beautiful structures and gardens that surround the property.

Pitt, his companies, and other business partners in the United States, France, and Luxembourg are all involved in a complex legal dispute related to the sale of Jolies' shares in the multinational wine company Stoli.

The most recent dispute was the submission of papers by the Jolies team, which included information from Pitt, her business manager, and her business, Mondo Bongo. The legal team representing Pitt has put in a lot of effort to persuade the court to deny Jolies a request for access to documents and communications.

The attorneys for Jolie have prevailed in their attempts to persuade Pitt to hand over the papers during the trial. AFP, courtesy of Getty Images

A court in Los Angeles decided that Pitt and his associates must hand them over to the opposing counsel on Friday. The judge also stated that they couldnt even wait till they appealed the decision to hand over them.

Pitts' refusal to let go of his rage over their brutal separation, according to sources close to the Maleficent actor, goes against good business sense. This information was provided to Page Six by these individuals.

If Stoli became a partner in their company, any rational person on the planet would be overjoyed. He is unable to get over his loathing for Jolie. In 2014, Jolie Jolie Pitt married Brad Pitt in the opulent residence. AFP, courtesy of Getty Images

According to a source close to Pitt, the business transaction with Stoli is a no-brainer, but Pitt also rejected an offer from Stoli to sell the business to them while he and Jolie were still married.

The former couple purchased the $28.4 million Miraval home in 2008.

A moat, fountains, a lake, a church, aqueducts, and a vineyard encircle the 35-room estate, which Pitt claims to have invested 70 percent of the couple's total investment.

Pitt and Jolie have a six-child family, which they split in 2016.

According to what they stated, selling a portion of the company to increase distribution goes against his long-standing objective for the project, which is to reinvest the earnings from the company in the endeavor.

Moreover, they stated that the best way to preserve wealth for [their children] is to maintain complete ownership of this highly valuable and developing asset.

The couple, who had six children, decided to put an end to their relationship in 2016. They have been a couple since 2005.