How to Identify a Yokai in Phasmophobia All Evidence and Tips

How to Identify a Yokai in Phasmophobia All Evidence and Tips ...

The Yokai is a Ghost Type in Phasmophobia that is dangerous when playing with others. They can Hunt even when players have high Sanity if they are talking a lot in the Ghost Room. They also have the Spirit Box as one of their evidence pieces, making it so players will have to talk to them and potentially anger it.

All Yokai Evidence in Phasmophobia

The Yokai's unique evidence of Phasmophobia are the Spirit Box, Ghost Orbs, and the D.O.T.S. Projector. If players are talking near it, the Yokai can initiate a Hunt as early as 80% Sanity. While Hunting, the Yokai will not be able to track the player through sound very well or by tracking the electronics they are carrying.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Yokai and what they mean in Phasmophobia

The Yokai's Strengths and Weaknesses are written in the Journal as follows:

  • Strength - Talking near a Yokai will anger it, increasing the chance of an attack.
  • Weakness - When hunting, a Yokai can only hear voices close to it.

When players are talking near the Ghost, the Yokai's Strength refers to its ability to hunt at high Sanity. Normally, the Yokai can only hunt when the average player's Sanity is 50% and below, but when players are talking near the Ghost, this is increased to 80%.

The Yokai's Weakness is related to its inability to detect players from far away through the sound of their voice or their electronics. Players can test to see if a Ghost is a Yokai by getting further away from it, out of sight, or simply leaving their electronics on.

Tips for dealing with a Yokai in Phasmophobia

If players have already verified that they are dealing with a Yokai, they may talk to each other outside of the Ghost Room or in the van to avoid causing a Hunt. Players that haven't identified the Ghost as a Yokai can do a test. By turning on their Flashlight and talking out loud, most Ghosts will pinpoint the player and go towards them.