In Ark: Survival Evolved, how do you get around a Bloodstalker?

In Ark: Survival Evolved, how do you get around a Bloodstalker? ...

The desire to travel around the globe is one of the most vital aspects of Ark: Survival Evolved. Whether you prefer a more relaxed PvE mode or wish to try PvP, youll always find that you can do it with great ease. The Bloodstalker is a powerful creature that is both novice and experienced.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, where can I find a Bloodstalker?

The Bloodstalker was introduced with Genesis: Part 1's release, only waiting for the unlucky Survivor to walk too close. These are the maps that you can find them on:

  • Genesis: Part 1.
  • Genesis: Part 2.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, how do you get around the Bloodstalker?

The Bloodstalker is a passive tame, comparable to the Desmodus. This means that it will feed off of you, or if you have any Blood Packs in your last Hotbar slot, it will devour them. Therefore, the Bloodstalker can only be tamed through this technique.

On Genesis Part 1, youll need the means to climb up the branches to where the Bloodstalkers hang out. Youll also need to use something else such as a Skiff, Grapples, Maewing, or Sinomacrops if you want to tame a Bloodstalker.

To defeat the Bloodstalker, youll need either a ton of HP or Blood Packs. You can do this by placing a Blood Extraction Syringe in your inventory. This will instantly create a Blood Pack, but you will lose HP. You may also use this on unconscious Tribe members or survivors, but if you aren't careful, you may kill them.

If you are grappled by the wrong Bloodstalker, you may use your Melee attack to free yourself from them, but you will then fall down from whatever height you are at. So you might want to keep some Parachutes on hand if you don't have a Gliding Suit or aSinomacrops.

On Genesis Part 2, they are relatively easy to manage as they're generally walking on the ground on the Rockwell side. However, the general taming strategy remains the same.