Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Being a Star Wars Director

Bryce Dallas Howard Talks About Being a Star Wars Director ...

Star Wars fans have traditionally been one of the most polarized fandoms on the other side of other Star Wars fans. It's rare to see a large number of them agree on something. Bryce Dallas Howard is a relatively new director to the franchise, and she's managed to unite fans in a way few would have expected.

It's probably a surprise to discover that anyone other than a white dude could receive near unanimous praise from a large portion of Star Wars fans. But her job as director (as well as her journey to this point) has been nothing short of spectacular.

Bryce Dallas Howard spoke to Vanity Fair about her role as a Star Wars director. "I had just finished Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and I went to my dad and said, 'Please, may I shadow you on Solo?'"

Bryce Dallas Howard's already stellar directing career at that time also fueled her desire for Star Wars. Howard explained, "Now you can come in and see it, and we can discuss it, and you can see if you'd like to be interested." When it came to Baby Yoda, I was like, "What am I reading?"

Bryce Dallas Howard's directing abilities kept reasserting her in the director's chair for Star Wars projects. She returned for the second season of the series "The Heiress" and solidified her status as a true member of the Star Wars family. Katee Sackhoff made her debut as Bo-Katan Kryze in the last episode.

Howard has established herself as a genuine directing powerhouse in the Star Wars franchise, with fans even vying for her to direct her own film. Regardless of what happens from here, Howard's talent and passion will certainly be worth seeing.

On Disney Plus, the Star Wars saga is now available.