In Ark: Survival Evolved, how does one tame a Noglin?

In Ark: Survival Evolved, how does one tame a Noglin? ...

The Noglin is a tiny shoulder-pet-sized creature introduced in Genesis: Part 2. It is by far the most terrifying of the Ark creatures. In this chapter, we will explain how to get rid of the Noglin.

In Ark: Survival Evolved, where to find the Noglin

The Noglin is a Genesis: Part 2 exclusive creature that prefers to dwell in the Rockwell area of the map. Its also mostly found in the darker areas, and there are, more often than not, a couple of extra creatures that are hostile.

How to tame a Noglin in Ark: Survival Evolved

The Noglin tames just like the Troodon does. This means you need to offer up your tames to the creature in order to gain its trust rather than feed it. Your best bet is first to place it in or build a pen around it.

Youll be sure that the Noglin will not only be able to run off, but it will also be able to keep it from latching onto your head and eating your grey matter.

Once the Noglin has captured you, youll need to offer up some food to it. A carbonemys or a Brontosaurus is the easiest way to do this. The Noglin will latch onto one and attack the other.

The more HP on the creatures it feeds off of, the better for your taming bar on the Noglin. Detach the Noglin as a result of its impact, and you may need a few spare sacrifices in the event they all die.

If you don't have enough time to build around the Noglin before the Netted effect wears off, you can use a tranquilizer to knock the Noglin out. This will have no impact on anything if you do it before taming.