In Guild Wars 2, how do I complete the Thunderhead Peaks visions?

In Guild Wars 2, how do I complete the Thunderhead Peaks visions? ...

The quest for the Vision Legendary Trinket is a lengthy and arduous journey. All of these involve spending time exploring the Living World Season 4 maps. Each map has its own set of scenery and challenges, as well as some interesting locations and metas in Guild Wars 2. This guide will guide you where to go and what items you will need to complete the Visions of Thunderhead Peaks collection in Guild Wars 2.

In Guild Wars 2, there are certain items required to complete the Thunderhead Peaks visions.

The following items will be required to complete the Thunderhead Peaks map itself. In some instances, youll need to obtain specific prerequisite items to craft the final item needed. If you wish to complete this collection, you will first need to have completed the Riding Skyscales achievements first. This will require you to earn experience on Path of Fire maps as well as spending Mastery Insight points.

Heavy Corsair LeggingsYou must complete the All or Nothing Mastery or the Thunderhead Peaks Reward Track to obtain this skin.
Vision of Dragons: AureneThis Vision is located right above the forge which is located in The Forge Area.
Vision of Allies: CaitheRead the Torn Page thats located just below or to the south of Historys End Waypoint on the map.
Vision of Enemies: WrathbringerDefeat the Wrathbringer located in Thunderhead Keep. You must have the Memory Essence Encapsulator in your inventory when you do this.
Vision of Landscapes: Thunderhead PeaksThe Skyscale is required. Access the rift at the Weeping Sisters. This is inside a cave.
Vision of Equipment: Dragonsblood WeaponsCraft six Dragonsblood weapons. After crafting these, youll need to purchase Vision of Equipment: Dragonsblood Weapons from Forge Master Hilina once youve completed the six weapons.
Vision of Action: Thunderhead PeaksYou will have to complete the level 80 Dynamic event named Defend the Zephyrites from the Branded which happens in Symphonys Haven.

Once you have obtained the necessary items, you may proceed to the next map. Each of the Living World Season 4 maps contains items and quests you must complete before you may complete the first part of the Vision Legendary Trinket.