Stars from The Good Place and American Horror Story team up for a new film

Stars from The Good Place and American Horror Story team up for a new film ...

Kirby Howell-Baptiste of The Good Place, Taissa Farmiga of American Horror Story, and Darrell Britt-Gibson of Ebbing, Missouri, have been cast in a brand new film, She Taught Love.

Britt-Gibson actually wrote this romantic comedy himself, which is his first screenwriting feature debut. According to a synopsis from Deadline, the casting is based on a man who is currently in a self-destructive spiral and a woman who is "with an expiration date."

Sadly their paths cross at a time when their love appears to be doomed, but will there be a happy ending?

Nate Edwards, who directed music videos like 'Black Will Street' by Killuminatii and 'Planet Her' Amazon Music drone show, has made his debut.

Britt-Gibson wrote on his Instagram page about the film's release: "We believe that art we create, the art we choose to be a part of, plays a significant role in not only shaping the culture moving forward, but also in how we feel." we may not admit it, but the desire to be loved is a cornerstone of our everyday lives.

"Unfortunately, not all of us are shown our love in film and television as it is in real life: vibrant, beautiful, strong, organic. She Taught Love is exactly that, an expression of our love and its INFINITE layers.

"The world is becoming extremely dark these days, but I know love is the light to guide us out. We'll't stop until the film we all deserve is made. This is the first step on a meaningful and necessary journey. She taught Love to us, all of us."

The film has yet to be released.

The Good Place is available on Netflix, while American Horror Story is available on Disney+.