Genshin Impact: Thundering Pulse Tier List

Genshin Impact: Thundering Pulse Tier List ...

Thundering Pulse is easily one of the best bows in Genshin Impact. The weapon works very well with DPS archers who depend on their Normal attacks to deal damage. (On its first refinement), the weapon has 608 base ATK, a staggering 66.2% CRIT DMG, a 20% ATK bonus, and up to 40% extra Normal attack DMG.

Not all characters are suited to carry the Genshin Impacts Thundering Pulse banner, according to the wildly diverse Genshin Impacts roster. In fact, for some players, grabbing the 5-star bow is detrimental to their playstyle. For players who want to wear the Genshin Impacts Thundering Pulse banner, knowing the best units to do so is critical.


Characters that fit into Thundering Pulses S-Tier are those who are able to optimally wield and fully benefit from Thundering Pulses stats and passives. They're preferable Genshin Impact characters who enjoy ATK scaling and depend on their Normal attacks to inflict damage.

Childe has many 5-star Bows that can complement his playstyle, all of which are ranking high on the Genshin Impacts bows tier lists.

Polar Star, Thundering Pulse, and Skyward Harp are some of the best weapons for Childe at the most optimal condition, although the other two weapons are quite close behind.

Thundering Pulse was introduced during Yoimiya's first banner, and it seems to be her best-in-slot weapon during her rerun banners. That is because Yoimiya gains CRIT Rate stats when she's ascended, and it grants her the CRIT DMG she requires. That gives players the flexibility to customize her artifacts either to CRIT DMG or Rate.


Thundering Pulse is a weapon that competes with their best-in-slot characters.

Ganyu can either take the Main DPS role and shine with her Charged attacks or join Morgana's team compositions in Genshin Impact and let her Burst do all the work. Either way, as Thundering Pulse enhances Normal attack, the passive doesnt really match her playstyle.

Thundering Pulse still serves as an excellent stat stick for Ganyu who will not be able to get the Normal attack DMG bonus. A great Stat Stick for CRIT DMG and ATK

Fishl, a Physical DPS, can do pretty well with Thundering Pulse. She requires the weapons high Base ATK, CRIT DMG, and ATK% buffs. The only issue is that Fischl suffers from long cooldowns that will keep the bows passive locked until she gets her Oz out again. That makes other bows like Polar Star a better fit for her kit.

Aloy is still able to wield Thundering Pulse like it was created for her, and she increases her normal attacks when she uses her Elemental Skill and enters her Rushing Ice State. Of course, since Aloy can't offer anything until her Elemental Skill is ready again.


The characters in B-Tier can perform with Thundering Pulse, but they are not recommended because they are wasteing most of what Thundering Pulse can offer and can do better with other bows.

Amber can serve as a main and sub DPS in Genshin Impact. Players may either use Amber to inflict Charged Attack damage or use her kit to buff her teammates. Base ATK and CRIT DMG are the only things she desires from Thundering Pulse.

Yelan only wants its CRIT DMG from Genshin Impact. Compared to Thundering Pulse, there are many better weapons Yelan can wield.

Do Not Use Tier

The bow in their hands is a waste of the bow's potential.

Kujou Sara has little damage as a support and is only useful as a buffer. Just like Bennett, her buff is calculated based on her Base ATK, which Thundering Pulse has a lot of. Other than that, the bow is useless.

Venti can still benefit from other bows when he is built on Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact. He does more damage when he is built on Elemental Mastery.

Diona is a pure Support character in Genshin Impact. Her job is to shield and heal her allies. There is absolutely no place for ATK, CRIT, or Normal ATK in her kit. She relies on HP to shield and Energy Recharge to maintain her Burst's ability.

Gorou has no stats at all. Nothing benefits him or increases his buffs, literally. Not DEF, not ATK, not Geo DMG, nothing. The only beneficial stat he can have is Energy Recharge to continue casting his Elemental Burst. For that, Gorous' paws just waste their energy.

Genshin Impact is now available on mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. A Switch version is also in the works.