In 'Primal,' the Savage Nature of Love

In 'Primal,' the Savage Nature of Love ...

Primal, directed by Genndy Tartakovsky, is a raw TV series that loses its rawness in its portrayal, completely different from anything viewers have ever seen previously. The savage land that caveman, Spear (Aaron LaPlante) and Tyrannosaurus Rex, Fang inhabit, is vastly different from the jump scare scenes we have seen in the Jurassic Park movies or anything else in the "land before time" genre.

The first season of Primal introduced our two protagonists but also to the very dangerous world that they live in. The first episode encapsulates what the program is all about: tragedy, survival, and the love that can arise from horrific events. The violence that permeates throughout each episode may make it appear to be a very niche program with a certain audience.

The show's shear brutality may be lost on some viewers, but there is no doubt that the show will depict prehistoric life in an unrelenting manner. Every background dinosaur or mammal is in a hurry for their next meal or to ensure that they are not being eaten by another person. This daily terror is not excluded from the series, nor is the show's emphasis on the bond between the two protagonists.

The connection between a caveman and Tyrannosaurus Rex has grown into a labor of love. Spear and Fang's attraction has evolved from a convenience and necessity to something much deeper a bond that new worlds, new characters, and new situations cannot encapsulate.

The two have gone through a slew of adventures, including defeating ape-men in a gladiator-style arena, battling giant batlike creatures, and hunting woolly mammoths in the coldest of winter months.

Spear and Fang are separated from one another on an island they are both unfamiliar with. Fang forms a romantic love connection with a fierce dinosaur for Spear. When it comes to the two dinosaurs, the episode uses many romantic film troupes to illustrate how these two creatures could find each other, bond over hunting together, and eventually fall in love with one another.

When Fang's partner gets caught in the middle of the storm, the two friends are caught in a wicked game, bouncing off one another in order to keep one from the next's dangerous consequences. The tribe that saved Spear has become ruthless in their quest for vengeance, seeing Fang and her new partner as simply deceiving foes in the way of their survival rather than living creatures who have been found.

The final scene where the overwhelming sadness does not overtake the special bond Spear and Fang have developed. The pair have essentially come to the conclusion that they cannot live without each other. The world they live in has taken so much for them and the one thing they cannot lose is each other.