The Top 10 'Stranger Things' Duos & Couples

The Top 10 'Stranger Things' Duos & Couples ...

Stranger Things has been home to a slew of legendary couples and duos in its four (going on five) seasons on Netflix. Some couples have gone and gone, others have remained strong, while others are just getting started.

From a father-daughter bond to best friends playing Dungeons & Dragons to an unmistakable friendship both on and off the screen, buddy-buddy pairings on Stranger Things are sometimes superior to romantic relationships.

Duo: Eleven And Hopper

After the tragic death of his daughter, Hopper decided it was only appropriate that he adopted Eleven as his own, transforming him into the positive father figure she needed.

The bond between this father-daughter bond is unbreakable, surviving everything from Hopper's presumed death in Season 3 to the horrors of a teenage Eleven dating Mike and not always leaving her bedroom door open three inches wide.

Couple: Joyce And Hopper

Joyce and Hopper are the same as Stranger Things' Ross and Rachel or Jim and Pam. Despite their obvious chemistry, these two waited for the majority of the series to reach an agreement.

Despite Hopper's disappearance to Russia, Season 5 may come around again.

Duo: Eleven And Will

Eleven and Will have had a strong bond since he went to the Upside Down in Season 1, and it only grew stronger when the two were separated from the rest of their friends when The Byers left at the end of Season 3.

Millie Bobby Brown and Noah Schnapp's real-life BFF status makes this friendship even sweeter. They are constantly seen on each other's social media, proving that they're equally as close in real life as in the world of Hawkins.

Couple: Eleven And Mike

Mike and Eleven have been the couple to root for from the start. After everything they've gone through, Season 4 proved that even a long-distance relationship would not tarnish their relationship.

Season 4 has made it clear that Mike loves Eleven, and that Eleven will go to great lengths to please her boyfriend.

Duo: Steve And Robin

Steven and Robin are one of the most funny and unexpected friendships on the show. They're the epitome of a male-female bond that has zero attraction for one another.

This dupe will remain unbeatable for the rest of the series whether it's teasing each other about their love lives or Steve showing his full support for Robin after she came out to him in Season 3.

Couple: Robin And Vickie

Season 4 introduced the viewers to Robin's crush, a classmate and band member named Vickie.

Vickie has a boyfriend, but Robin was content to chat with her crush at the end of Season 4, while Steve watched on in support of his best friend.

Duo: Max And Eleven

When Eleven first learns Max was interested in her boyfriend, the tables turn quickly.

During a memorable Season 3 montage to the tune of "Material Girl," this friendship blossomed into a friendship of mall shopping and ice cream eating, but only time will tell how this friendship ended when Max was put in a coma at the end of Season 4.

Couple: Max And Lucas

Max is a strong, independent young lady who does not need a man, but Lucas Sinclair might be the exception. It all started with their first kiss at the Snow Ball, but things definitely progressed from there.

Lucas never gave up caring for Max after the death of his brother, and even remained by her bedside during her final episodes, proving that the two may be the ones they are meant to be.

Duo: Dustin And Eddie

Eddie may have started out as an erratic figure, but he took no longer for him to demonstrate his worth throughout Season 4, both in the Hellfire Club and as he enters the Upside Down.

Dustin became the closest thing to the Hellfire Club leader as Mike, Lucas, and Will went on other missions. He was able to transform him and Eddie into a short-lived duo until Eddie's sacrifice killed him, causing Dustin to mourn the death of his friend as Eddie died in his arms.

Couple: Dustin And Suzie

Mike and Eleven are the endgame, and Joyce and Hopper are a promising duo, but Dustin and Suzie may not be a more adorable couple on Stranger Things.

Suzie's surprise duet of "A Neverending Story" at the end of the season elevated her to a top-tier status on the Stranger Things list.