Melissa Gorgas' Tacky Outfit is dragged by fans

Melissa Gorgas' Tacky Outfit is dragged by fans ...

Melissa Gorga and her other Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars went to Ireland for some sightseeing, fun, and, most likely, some drama. On their respective social media accounts, the women shared photos and videos of their trip, which was shot by Bravo.

As the new season of filming continues, Gorga gave fans a sneak peek at one of her all-girls outfits.

Gorga captioned an Instagram post on July 23, 2022, with a bunch of her Evil step sisters in tow, in an effort to avoid any negative comments that might arise from her caption. It appeared as though the focus was on her outfit.

Here's all you need to know about it:

Gorgas Dress & Let Her Know in the Comments Several People Didnt Like Her & Let Her Know

Melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) has shared a link to her website.

Gorga is well-known for her sense of style, and she has launched her own boutique with clothes she finds appealing. However, one of Gorgas' outfits during his cast visit to Ireland was a letdown among fans.

Although many people thought Gorga looked fantastic, many others praised her blue and green outfit, which featured poof sleeves and cut-outs at the waist. Some of the most common criticisms included words such as shady and shady.

One person wrote, "I hope this outfit didnt cost more than $50." The green face emoji is included.

Someone else said the tacky outfit was not a Cinderella outfit.

What is the name of that outfit? A third observation reads like a shambles.

This outfit is so cheap and shabby!! What were you thinking, I guess. Another Instagram user has added a photo.

A fifth commenter echoed this: Ugh, not a fan of the drsss.

Gorga Applied an Ironic Jacket in a Post 2 Days Before

Melissa Gorga (@melissagorga) has shared a link to her blog.

While out and about in Dublin, Ireland, with her co-stars, the reality star shared some pictures of her wearing a black jacket that read, late but best dressed on the back.

According to the post's caption, the jacket is a product from the Gorgas Envy boutique. Gorga took a number of photos, all of which captured the jackets message. Fans took to the comment section to respond to the post, and the majority of the comments were positive.

You have impeccable eye! one word read.

This jacket is absolutely stunning. Someone else has been added to the mix.

ALWAYS THE BEST DRESSED!!! A third person wrote, adding a string of fire emojis.

You are the finest dress housewife in New Jersey. Read another Instagram user's perspective.

Several others tagged their friends to show them the jackets, and many tagged Gorga to inquire about her personal details, such as sizing. Needless to say, this outfit went out much better than the one she shared two days later.