Alums may never recover following a major event, according to Vanderpump

Alums may never recover following a major event, according to Vanderpump ...

A former Vanderpump Rules star was stunned when she received a famous actor's message on her Instagram feed.

Stassi Schroeder noticed that Hugh Jackman, the Greatest Showman actor, had left a comment on a video that she shared of her daughter, Hartford on July 22, 2022.

Schroeder posted a photo on her Instagram Stories of something big. In the next slide, she shows a screenshot from the comments section of her most recent post that no one other than Jackman commented on.

Schroeder shared a video of Hartford watching a song from The Greatest Showman soundtrack on July 21, 2022. You like this song? Schroeder asked her daughter, who was sitting on the couch with the family's dog.

Schroeder could have never predicted what might follow.

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Schroeder said she was triggered by her exuberance.

Stassi Schroeder Clark (@stassischroeder) has shared a post on her website.

Although Jackman was not identified in the photo and this wasnt the first time that Schroeder has shared music from The Greatest Showman, which is one of her all-time favorite movies, he somehow found the post and left Schroeder a message.

Im a sucker for the baby, the dog, and that song! Jackman wrote.

Schroeder shared this on her Instagram Stories.

The icon himself. @thehughjackman commented on my video of Hartford and I can't control how much I'm ecstatic. Like I don't think I've ever fangirled this much before.

Schroeder told her 1-year-old daughter about the incident in another post, and Hartfords' reaction was genuine, open mouth and all. The former reality star shared several fond memories of The Greatest Showman.

I may never recover in the most efficient way possible. Like, Im breaking out right here because of excitement, Schroeder said, pointing out some redness on her chest.

Several Fans Reacted to Jackmans Comment

The Greatest Showman's (@greatestshowman) post has been shared by the Greatest Showman.

Fans were ecstatic to see Jackman stop by and leave Schroeder a comment, especially those who know how big a fan she is of him and The Greatest Showman.

@thehughjackman I don't know if anyone has yet to notice that you have posted here. You are so kind to take the time to do that. I'm a big fan of yours! one person commented.

@thehughjackman #stassischroeder Hugh Jackman just commented on your post, someone else wrote before Schroeder had shared to her IG Stories.

omgthis is the coolest thing ever! On the way to your proposal, I remember you saying that you all listened to this music on the way to your proposal. and then @thehughjackman replies to your video! Im faking between the two of you, and a third observation was made.

@stassischroeder Im dying for you. This is a huge undertaking, and a fourth Instagram user has been added.

Schroeder herself replied to the actor, of course.

@thehughjackman OH MY GOSH. You have just made me realize that I am not going to write for the entire year. We are a @thehughjackman ride or die family. Saw you at the hollywood bowl. The greatest showman is our favorite movie. I'm fangirling out right now, she writes.