One Major Flaw in Digimon Survive's Choice System

One Major Flaw in Digimon Survive's Choice System ...

Digimon Survive's Karma SystemCritic reviews aren't yet out, but early impressions from those who have picked it up are good. The game's eventual reception is still in the making, although it's certainly off to a good start.

The Digimon's digivolution path is hampered by several mechanics that tie together closely: the chapter structure, the karma system, and the digivolution choices.

Digimon Survive's Karma System Is Too Obvious

The Karma system in Digimon Survive has an influence on the game's direction; three categories are included: Moral, Harmony, and Wrathful. The first is a focus on being just and doing the right thing, the second is on achieving the objective through direct action, and the third is a focus on direct action. However, some choices do not relate to these elements, but they do influence the game's chapter structure.

The Karma system is difficult to see through immediately from the start. When players are faced with three choices in Digimon Survive, the left one is always Moral, the top one is always Wrathful, and the right one is always Harmony. This makes immersion more difficult because these choices could be more varied and focused on responding to the events and the context rather than simply checking off a box in this playthrough.

The direct impact of the many choices themselves in Digimon Survive, as it stands right now, has yet to be revealed. Its dark, dark story is certainly appealing to fans, but this does damage the immersion in the game.

Digimon Survive is now available on PC, PlayStation 4, Switch, and Xbox One.