How to Get Umbrellas on the Beach in Fortnite and Where to Find Them

How to Get Umbrellas on the Beach in Fortnite and Where to Find Them ...

For your No Sweat SUmmer missions, look for the easiest way to jump on umbrellas along the beach in Fortnite.

Today, Epic Games is giving players a new Summer-inspired mission and a chance at some bonus rewards.

Fortnite now includes a new skatepark, concert stage, fireworks, and more.

Today's mission involves players again going to the beach in order to jump on several umbrellas. But there's a trick that'll help you complete your mission in no time.

Check out all of the Fortnite No Sweat Summer quests and their rewards here!

Where to Find All Umbrellas on the Beach Locations in Fortnite

To find your umbrellas, go to the beach just east of Sanctuary, as the mission advises you.

To find an umbrella, simply drop anywhere on the shoreline, with a focus on these highlighted areas in particular.

You wont need to find multiple umbrellas for a quick 15,000 XP. Simply bounce 5 times on a single umbrella and youll finish todays Fortnite mission!

The Fortnite No Sweat Summer end date is approaching, so be quick when doing all of your missions! Don't miss out on getting free Summer loot in Fortnite!

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