A Crucible Knight Trick The Hard Way is Learned by an Elden Ring Player

A Crucible Knight Trick The Hard Way is Learned by an Elden Ring Player ...

Even with Elden Ring's imposing Crucible Knights, it's possible that not all players have spent enough time battling them to know how they work.

Chosen-Bearer-Of-Ash, a Reddit user who shared a video with the Elden Ring subreddit, shows what happens when a faith build is put into a fight with a Crucible Knight. While the player fights well for the majority of the film, things suddenly go sideways while trying to recover enough to withstand another relentless assault.

The player and the enemy Crucible Knight are both at a low health, suggesting that this fight may have been going on for a while before it reached this point. However, when the player attempts to invoke the Great Heal spell before returning to the table, the Crucible Knight steps into the effect zone. Like most of Elden Ring's attacking spells, the Crucible Knight's health increases a bit.

When players encounter this spell for the first time, it can be a surprise because most other enemies are unaffected by the healing spell. In fact, there are some enemies that can actually be damaged by Elden Ring's healing magic, making some gamers wonder if it was a glitch.

The amount of tricks that these enemies have can already lead to devastating defeats against Crucible Knights in Elden Ring. So finding that the player's own healing can literally reset the battle to zero if not taking perfect care for enemy placement just continues to illustrate how intimidating these enemies can be. Each time, encounters like this continue to make the experience seem like a huge accomplishment.

Elden Ring is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.