How to Get Unlimited Smithing Stones 5 & 6 in Elden Ring

How to Get Unlimited Smithing Stones 5 & 6 in Elden Ring ...

Players who wish to use their Elden Ring's full offensive potential will need to acquire a number of Smithing Stones, including Smithing Stones 5 and 6, which can be found at many locations throughout the Lands Between.

To get the Bell Bearing that unlocks this ability, players must acquire an unlimited number of Smithing Stone 5 and Smithing Stone 6 in Elden Ring.

Erik Petrovich's article was last updated on July 29, 2022. Players must acquire a special Smithing Stone 5 and 6 Bell Bearing to unlock unlimited Smithing Stones 5 and 6 in Elden Ring. Most Smithing Stone materials in Elden Ring can be purchased for purchase with these items, although it isn't immediately available.

Elden Ring: How to Buy Smithing Stone 5 & 6

To get the Smithing-Stone Miner's Bell Bearing 3, players must obtain the key item hidden inside a chest near the Zamor Ruins, which were discovered early in the Giants' Mountaintops.

Players must meet certain requirements before they may see the Zamor Ruins and Mountaintops of the Giants. These restrictions prevent players from purchasing Smithing Stone 5 and Smithing Stone 6 too early in a playthrough, because the location literally cannot be accessed until the player has completed Leyndell.

Players must earn two Great Runes in order to get to the Royal Capital, thus enabling them to use the Grand Lift of Rold.

This is the first major obstacle that cannot be overcome in Elden Ring, as there is no way to get through without collecting two Great Runes. While Godrick and Rennala are typically the first two Shardbearers that players defeat, Radahn and Rykard also have Great Runes if Godrick and Rennala aren't much fun to fight.

The Zamor Ruins are visible almost immediately upon entering the Mountaintops of Giants. From the grace where players meet Shabriri, the Zamor Ruins are directly in the way of progressing through the Mountaintops of Giants. The stairs that lead players to the chest underneath the Zamor Ruins are marked with a torch, although avoiding the Ancient Heroes of Zamor is easier said than done.

If Smithing Stones 5 and 6 don't show up, go to Elden Ring's Roundtable Hold and offer them to the Twin Maiden Husks.

Elden Ring is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.